Compound wall mould

Choosing Quality Precast Compound Wall Rubber Moulds

Precast Compound Wall

Precast compound wall moulds are one of the most valued products in the manufacturing industry. Not only they possess a wide range of advantages in terms of strength and durability, but they also cost less too. Therefore, it is no wonder that many compound wall, paver block manufacturers tend to prefer them. But what is the real reason for the success of these moulds?. This is what we explain in this blog and if you are here to know that, then you are at the right place.

Precast Compound Wall

What makes the moulds this popular?

Before diving into this, let us say how moulds have revitalized the construction sector. Before the arrival of moulds, the traditional ways of constructing walls, blocks etc involved the use of bricks, cement and other materials. Although these materials provided strength and durability, the cost was not minimal and also, wastage and storing of the materials was a problem. Precast concrete slabs can be used as compound walls and floor tiles . Make your unique designs with our rubber moulds.

This all changed when moulds were introduced. As these products were available in multiple shapes and sizes, compound wall manufacturers only needed less time to construct the products by pouring the concrete mixture onto the moulds and demould them after a certain amount of time.

Also, when compared to traditional walls, precast compound walls were attractive, was easy to construct and install on-site, strong and durable. Now as you wanted to know the main reason for the popularity of precast compound wall moulds, they are rubber.

Precast Compound Wall

The finest rubber moulds

Precast compound wall moulds are made from materials such as Rubber, Plastic and PVC etc. Among these materials, rubber is considered the better choice due to having superior advantages than other materials. As rubber is a natural material, it possesses excellent strength, flexibility which is the sole reason for its preference for making moulds.

Being a well-reputed mould manufacturer, we primarily make rubber moulds for all commercial construction purposes such as precast compound walls,

paver blocks, and more. Choosing precast rubber compound walls provides a ton of benefits for your business. The first one is cost saving. The biggest advantage of our rubber moulds is that they don’t lose their original shape even after repetitive usage.

This really helps in save unnecessary budget by being able to reuse the mould for manufacturing purposes. The only cases where you have to change moulds are if it requires a new design or colour. The next advantage is obviously strength. As mentioned before, rubber is already a strong material which means these properties are endowed in the moulds we manufacture. Only high-quality rubber moulds can create the highest quality precast compound walls.

Boundary Wall Moulds

Compared to traditional materials, there is no problem with material wastage or storing issues. Our moulds are waterproof and are built to withstand all weather conditions including dust, dirt etc. Also, they are of comparable sizes and don’t require a large storage area. All these facts make our moulds the finest choice for manufacturing.

Choose the moulds from JR

Now that you know the benefits of having a precast compound wall rubber mould, the next step is to get them from a reputed mould manufacturer which is JR Rubber Industries. For over 25 years, we have been manufacturing the highest quality rubber moulds that have been used for countless commercial and industrial purposes worldwide.

Apart from precast compound wall moulds, our other product range includes step tile moulds, compound wall grill moulds paver block moulds, grass paver moulds and other types. Our products are available in multiple designs, colour options and sizes, which appeals to a wide range of customers for their manufacturing purposes. If you are looking for the best quality and strong moulds, then we recommend you to visit our place to experience and feel the quality of our moulds. You can either visit our website or call us to know more about our products and services.




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