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"We mould products beyond your dreams"
Are you
planning for
a new business?
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We provide the complete end-end assistance for the starting and development of new paver factories. We have a different business setups for you – from the MINI PAVER PLANT,SEMI MECHANISED PAVER PLANT to the FULLY AUTOMATIC PAVER PLANT to suit enthusiastic entrepreneurs or cooperates .Let you be a new entrepreneur or corporate looking for a diversified product anywhere in the world, we have the solution.

There are the few problems usually occurring when you dream of a business venture ..

  1. How do I start ?
  2. Why to start ?
  3. Where do I get the best moulds ?
  4. Where do I get the machinery ?
  5. Where do I get the chemicals ?
  6. Where will I get the technical information?
  7. Can I get trained for the best paver production ?
  8. How do I know the best practices in the industry ?
  9. What are my marketing tools ?
  10. Will I get assistance for production anywhere in the world ?

Yes ! We have an experience in the industry for over 2 decades and we have all the answers for you ,
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