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Why choose rubber moulds to manufacurer wall tiles

We, JR Rubber industries have been creating the best quality wall tile moulds products for 25 years and counting. We have introduced some of the most revolutionary products for commercial and residential purposes. One thing that we have maintained is continually adapting to the changing manufacturing business needs and delivering high-quality products at the most affordable prices. We primarily manufacture rubber moulds for paver blocks, precast compound walls, and today we are going to tell you what led us to manufacture the best rubber wall tile moulds for businesses.


Moving into wall tile moulds

Although we started our beginning as a paver block manufacturer, one thing we realised during our time is the capabilities of mould manufacturing i.e the different type of materials that could be made using moulds. This led us to expand our business by making durable rubber wall tile moulds & floor tile moulds. As the use of tiles became increasingly preferred, we knew that our moulds could make a big difference in the manufacturing industry. As our rubber moulds require less maintenance and were available in a wide range of colours and imprinted designs, it helped several wall tile manufacturers to become successful and profitable in the long run.


Why did we choose rubber for manufacturing moulds?

We have explained the reason for that in our previous blog topics but if you are new here, we will explain once again. As you see, moulds are generally made from these materials which are rubber, plastic and PVC. Out of these materials, rubber stands out from the others with its exceptional strength and durability properties. Apart from that, it is environmentally friendly and has a high degree of resistance to wear and tear. This means that once you purchase a set of high-quality rubber wall tile moulds from us, you can use it for a very long time. The only time you would need to change the moulds will be if you require another design, shape or size. The following advantages explain why rubber moulds are the best choice for manufacturing:

  • A Non-static and anti-static inner layer
  • The guaranteed lifespan of 12-15 years & more
  • Acid-Alkali inner layer made with speciality rubber
  • No sort of deformation
  • Optimum strength & durability similar to automobile tyres

Our innovative products

Over the years, we have manufactured a wide variety of rubber wall tile moulds in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures. Several mould manufacturers have become profitable and manufactured the best quality wall tiles using these moulds and that is something we are really proud of.

  1. DM 61 Sira
  2. DM 62 Laura
  3. DM 63 Nitco
  4. DM 64 Bamboo
  5. DM 65 Hera
  6. DM 66 Petra
  7. DM 67 Marvel
  8. DM 68 Vista
  9. DM 69 Mario

Even though the names, sizes and designs might are different, the quality and strength are always the same. If else not, our products have not been used by clients worldwide.

What makes us the best

There are several reasons for that. Some of these include cost-efficiency, immense reusability feature, longer life and more. Although we are the best when it comes to offering high-quality wall tile moulds, no other companies have offered rubber moulds of the same quality as we provide. This just shows why you should make your business choice with us. Still not convinced?. You can check out our website and compare the products with other’s or you can simply call us to come, see and feel the quality of our moulds all by yourself.

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