Why choose JR ​rubber mould for precast compound wall

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Rubber moulds are amazing materials that have a wide range of properties. They have an infinite lifespan and are flexible. This makes it easy for demoulding. Although there are many other types of moulds used for casting precast concrete such as the traditional metal moulds, they are very difficult to demould and for the production itself. This is why rubber moulds are the ultimate solution for manufacturing precast compound wall mould with ease.

Earlier were the times when traditional brick compound walls were the preferred choice for boundary protection, however, things have changed recently. With the emergence of precast compound walls, people have started to shift towards them for their homes


It’s because of the superior advantages it offers than other wall types. One such advantage is the fast installation & availability of different designs. To have a strong compound wall that lasts for a long time, it must be manufactured using the best rubber moulds. Installing precast compound walls are easy and take only less time. Precast compound wall installation requires less labour only.

The manufacturing process of precast compound walls

The manufacturing of precast compound walls is not difficult. It involves pouring of concrete mixture onto the rubber mould which is placed on a vibroforming table. While a worker spreads the concrete evenly to all sides of the mould, the vibroforming helps to compact the concrete mixture which in turn gives the walls its strength, glazing and finish.

A colour layer is added as the first layer, however, this part is optional. After the concrete mixture has been poured, it is left to cure overnight, after which the panels are taken off the mould. This process is called demoulding. The final product is a readymade wall that just needs to be installed in the right place. You can see the manufacturing process righthere.

Environment-friendly solution

When it comes to moulds, there are many types such as PVC, Plastic & Rubber. However, rubber is a versatile material known for its strength and environment-friendly properties. For years we have been manufacturing precast compound wall moulds that offers the highest quality, flexibility and reusability.

Compared to other materials, our rubber moulds do not cause harm to the environment. Also, our moulds are available in a wide array of intrinsic designs & shapes that suits the customers’ interest. Implementing these designs onto the moulds is only possible with rubber.

The Only Choice

We are the only company in the world manufacturing rubber mould for compound walls. with intrinsic designs. Our rubber moulds are highly reusable and come with a lifespan of 15 years. This makes them a perfect long investment for your business.

Also, our moulds are available in a large array of designs and dimensions that are imprinted onto the precast walls effectively during manufacture. The chances for wear & tear are minimal to the point that our moulds are more resistant to damage. This makes our product to last long without the need for replacement unless new designs are needed.


So have you decided to shift to precast compound walls? If you have, then make the right choice with us. You can check out our blog for more information on our products & services. Alternatively, you can contact us at +918589082225 for an enquiry.

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