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Are Wall Tile Moulds Cost-effective

As a paver block, compound wall, wall tile manufacturer, you will want to manufacture these items using the best quality moulds. Not only must they be of good quality but also they must be cost-effective too in the long-run. When you plan to get a mould for
your manufacturing purposes, choosing JR Rubber Industries’s quality and cost-effective wall tile rubber moulds is the most obvious choice to make. Well you may think that what’ so special about our moulds. This is what we will explain in this blog.

A cost-effective decision

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons to prefer moulds for manufacturing is its cost factor itself. When compared to traditional materials like bricks, cement, moulds are pretty much superior in all terms such as cost, storage, reusability and more.
However, to have all these benefits, the right type of moulds must be chosen from a reputable mould manufacturer like JR Rubber Industries.

When it comes to the right wall tile mould type, you may wonder which is the right one as there are many mould variations. Wall tile moulds are available in Rubber, plastic and PVC but which is the right one? If you are confused about that, we have told it at
the right beginning itself. Yes, wall tile rubber moulds. Choosing rubber moulds comes with two exclusive benefits.

What makes JR Rubber’s wall tile moulds special?

Even if you decide to choose wall tile rubber moulds, you might think why we are the best there is at making rubber moulds. Are there similar mould manufacturing companies?. Yes, there are. But what makes us different from them is our commitment
and expertise in manufacturing world class quality rubber moulds for wall tiles, paver blocks, compound walls and more. For over 25 years, we have been manfacturing all kinds of rubber moulds for commercial and industrial purposes. When it comes to our moulds, they are manufactured using high quality rubber similar to the ones used in automobile tyres. Also, the moulds are coated with an anti static inner layer and is resistant to acid and alkali. Another huge advantage is that the moulds resists wear and tear for a long time and does not lose its original shape even after repetitive use for years.

The only time you will need to change our moulds will be if there’s a need to change the design. This feature makes helps save your budget costs and in turn results in better profits and reputation. Our moulds comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and intrinsic design patterns that suit a wide range of customer and business interests.

Where can I buy them?

If you are ready to purchase our rubber wall tile moulds for your business, you can contact us and come to our place where you can see and feel the quality of our moulds yourself. In fact, we recommend you to do it so that you understand the difference
between our moulds and our competitors rubber moulds.

Are wall tiles moulds cost effective?

Considering the advantages that are mentioned in this blog, yes, our wall tile rubber moulds are definitely cost effective in the long run, if that’s what you are looking for. We can guarantee that our mouds will not cause any sort of trouble for your business
at all. If it wasn’t, then our products would not be used worldwide. We have established our brand presence in 33 countries all over the world. Some of these include Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia
and more.

Apart from manufacturing wall tile rubber moulds, we also manufacture rubber moulds for precast compound walls, step tiles, floor tiles, paver blocks, boundary walls, etc. We also have the appropriate machineries for manufacturing moulds the right way. We hope that you liked our blog. If you have any queries, please do comment below or you can check our website for updates or call us to know more about our moulds.

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