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What to look at before buying wall cladding moulds

Wall cladding

Are you planning to manufacture and sell wall cladding tiles?. Good choice. Wall cladding is one of those areas that are becoming popular in homes and commercial buildings. As it provides advantages such as protection from weather and aesthetics, the material has to be of the highest quality. These factors make these products a profitable business for manufacturers. However, what is important are the wall cladding through which are made. Speaking of that, we are here to say some points to look out before stepping into wall cladding.

Never compromise quality

Yes, this is the number one thing that all manufacturers want to achieve in their products, quality. Making compromises in quality will not do any good for the business, period. To manufacture a good quality product, you will have to use the right materials which include rubber wall cladding. If the moulds are of cheap quality, the final product which is cladding tiles will be weak.

As there are many mould manufacturing companies, some of them might offer moulds at cheaper prices which may tempt tile manufacturers. Never go for such products ever. So, before starting the manufacturing process, you have to ensure that the wall cladding are chosen from a well-reputed mould manufacturing company like JR Rubber Industries because only companies like us offer the best quality moulds at affordable prices.

Choose the best wall cladding

Since the last section, we have been specifically telling you about choosing rubber moulds and you might be wondering why. There’s a reason for that which we are going to tell you now. Rubber wall cladding have better advantages namely flexibility and durability far better than other forms such as plastic and PVC moulds. Also, rubber is a naturally occurring material which means it is not harmful to the environment.

This is a bonus for manufacturers who want to minimize environmental damage and at the same time become profitable. Apart from these, our rubber moulds are made using rubber which is similar to the one’s used for making automobile tyres. Therefore, the moulds are strong, durable and more importantly, resistant to alkali/acid which makes them easier to store without worries.

Wall cladding

Go for affordable products

No one would like to choose moulds that are costly in the long run. With JR Rubber moulds, you don’t have to worry about increasing your budget. Our moulds are designed to withstand wear and tear for a long time and comes with an average lifespan of 10-12 years. This means that the only time you will need a new mould is when you require a new design for your product.

Make the right choice with JR Rubbers

There are many companies out there offering wall cladding for manufacturing purposes but we recommend to make the right choice with us. Being a reputed mould manufacturer, we have been making the highest quality moulds for over 25 years. Our products are used by several clients worldwide which makes us one of the global leading manufacturers. With an almost infinite lifespan coupled with innovative designs, affordability and unbeatable quality, choosing JR Rubber moulds helps increase your business profits to higher levels easily.

If you are looking to buy our rubber mould, you can call us at 8589082225 or visit our place during business hours. Alternatively, you can check out our website that features all the details of our products, upcoming events, pricing and a lot more.

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