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Wall cladding

Wall cladding

Wall cladding is one of the most effective ways to protect homes, commercial structures from weather conditions and to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You may know that wall cladding tiles are used for this purpose but what you may not know is that wall tile moulds play an important role in manufacturing these innovative products. In this blog, we will say how our quality rubber wall tile moulds help wall cladding tile manufacturers make the best wall cladding tiles for commercial purposes.


What is wall cladding?

We might have seen these beautiful structures used in residential and commercial structures. So, what is wall cladding?. It is a technique in which a protective outer layer is installed on top of the structure that provides protection and improves an aesthetic feel. In the case of wall tile cladding, the layers are made by using appropriate wall tiles which in turn is made using the best quality wall tile moulds. When it comes to cladding, different types of materials are used such as stones, tiles, glass, wood, etc.

Nowadays many people are switching to wall cladding both external and interior for their homes. Even though the reasons are many such as improving the value of property or aesthetics, the main purpose of wall cladding is to protect the structure from weather conditions and providing insulation. As mentioned above, different types of materials are used for wall cladding purposes. Among them, wall tiles are being preferred more for cladding purposes. What does this mean for wall tile manufacturers?

Well, higher production and higher profits. Also, wall tiles are using quality rubber wall tile moulds, which in itself has a lot of benefits. If you are into wall tile making, then getting the moulds from JR Rubbers is the best choice.

Wall cladding

How do our moulds help?

The purpose of moulds is to give the product its shape, design and optimum strength. Any moulds can give that but only the best one’s from JR Rubbers will give these benefits in its true quality. All our wall tile moulds are made from rubber which when compared to other materials offers superior advantages in terms of strength and flexibility. The moulds we manufacture is of the highest quality than any other moulds available in the market. Being a reputed mould manufacturer with a worldwide established business presence for over 25 years, we can say that will full confidence.

What makes our rubber wall tile moulds distinct from the competitors is that they come with a guaranteed lifespan of 12-15 years which itself is higher than other moulds. Also, our moulds are made from speciality rubber similar to the one’s used for making automobile tyres. The rubber mould’s inner layers are resistant to acid/alkali. From a business standpoint, choosing our rubber wall tile moulds is the wisest choice as they are highly durable and won’t change its original shape even after repetitive usage. This means lesser budget and higher profits. Now that’s something worth considering.

A final note

As the demand for wall tiles for cladding purposes are increasingly becoming demanding, so are the demand for high-quality wall tile rubber wall tile moulds. Due to this, you may find many similar companies out there providing moulds for commercial purposes. However, if its quality, strong and durable moulds that you want then choose us. We primarily manufacture a wide range of mould products such as paver moulds, precast compound wall moulds, floor tile moulds, 3D paver moulds and more. To make things clear, we recommend you to either call us at 8589082225 or visit our website for more details on our products and services.

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