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Veneer brick cladding moulds: What is the big deal about it?

You all know how wall cladding moulds have proven to be a valuable asset and helped many manufacturers become successful. Our previous blogs have explained how JR Rubber’s wall cladding rubber moulds play a vital role in the demand for wall cladding in the market. So, in this blog, we want to talk about another popular mould which is veneer brick cladding moulds. Compared to wall cladding rubber moulds, are veneer brick moulds that popular?. Yes, it is, which is what we are going to talk about in this blog.

How is veneer brick cladding mould a big deal?

If you are looking to achieve cost-effectiveness and profit generation in your business, yes, it is a big deal. Opting for brick veneer cladding rubber moulds is the best way to manufacture products such as artificial concrete stone veneer, brick veneer products that are used for cladding purposes in residential and commercial structures. This in turn helps increase the structure’s aesthetics and value in the market. As brick/stone veneers are being highly preferred, this opens a huge opportunity for veneer manufacturers. Choosing our high-quality brick veneer rubber veneer moulds will help produce strong and long-lasting veneer products.

What are the advantages of Veneer brick cladding moulds?

Similar to wall cladding moulds, veneer brick cladding rubber moulds has several advantages. Being a mould product, it offers an easier manufacturing process for making concrete veneers, optimum strength, reusability, higher resistance to wear and tear, and more. Rubber moulds have an important role in the brick cladding wall market. After all, these materials are what give the final veneer product its shape and design. When it comes to brick veneer moulds, JR Rubber’s quality rubber moulds are the best choice in terms of cost, strength and durability.

Why are JR Rubber moulds considered the best?

JR Rubbers is the world’s leading mould manufacturing company known for its diverse and quality products. This includes paver moulds, wall cladding moulds, brick veneer moulds, compound wall moulds, etc. We have over 25 years of professional experience in this field and have established our presence in 28 countries around the world. When it comes to choosing rubber brick veneer moulds, they should be of the highest quality, strong, flexible and JR Rubber’s mould products tick all that.

The moulds are superior in terms of design, strength and quality that help make your business profitable in the long run. The brick veneer rubber moulds offer unmatched flexibility, strength and durability. These are some of the few perks that you get for choosing our rubber moulds:

Average lifespan of 10-12 years
Demanding strength & durability similar to automobile tyres
Regains original shape after continuous usage
Requires less maintenance
Acid/Alkali resistant inner layer


Having a successful track record of delivering the best rubber brick veneer moulds for manufacturers, we are the best option to buy moulds if you are looking to establish a profitable stone or brick veneer cladding manufacturing business. Featuring a wide array of innovative products with worldwide recognition, we don’t see any reason for not choosing us. We aim to manufacture and deliver the best quality products thereby earn the trust of customers and improve our services even better.

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