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JR Rubber Industries: The Leading Plastic Paver Mould Manufacturer

We manufacture Plastic paver moulds with virgin polypropylene raw material.  Moulds manufactured with virgin raw material have infinite advantages over other kinds of recycled moulds available on market. 

  • Virgin Polypropylene plastic moulds  (PP Paver moulds) have long durability of 2-3 years. 
  • High dimensional stability
  • Moulds will not deform 
  • Moulds will not break 
  • Pavers will not break. Zero damage and zero damage production can be done with JR plastic paver moulds 
  • We offer a demoulding machine for plastic moulds. This will increase mould lifespan, reduce damage to pavers during demoulding.
  • We make plastic moulds with engineering perfection. Pavers should have good dimensional stability, with perfect interlocking, So choosing the right kind of moulds is very important for your business. 
Plastic paver moulds

We manufacture plastic moulds for heavy-duty pavers like zigzag plastic moulds, and industrial paver moulds. Zigzag 80mm plastic paver mould, I shape 80mm plastic mould is the most popular mould worldwide. We manufacture and ship several thousand moulds each day to various clients located in India and abroad. 

We manufacture designer paver moulds in plastic as well suitable for homes, commercial spacers m parks tec. 

Ever since we started our business in 1993, our products have been in high demand due to their premium quality and reasonable price range. The paver industry is very competitive, and we’re really proud of our hard work and commitment to keep delivering on our promises to customers.

Over the years, we have completely engaged in manufacturing and supplying moulds, paver machinery, setting chemicals, colour oxides, and complete technical assistance for paver production. 

Our business has grown to an international scope across 34 countries by becoming the leading plastic paver mould manufacturer. Our catalogue offers several paver moulds for sale, including rubber paver moulds, PVC paver moulds, and compound wall-rubber moulds, and we also provide customized as per the requirements of the clients.

All of our products are widely acknowledged by our clients for their features like long life span, strong chemical resistance, high performance, and so on.

Best Plastic Paver Mould Manufacturer

JR Rubber Industries is the most inspiring name in the paver industry. As a plastic paver mould manufacturer, we are always dedicated to providing the finest quality to our clients. 

Every paver mould is developed with research and engineering considering various parameters with international standards.

Made with 100% virgin plastic raw materials, we can guarantee that the smooth inner layer of our plastic mould finest pavers at an affordable price.. By using the latest cutting-edge technology, we always produce innovative and creative plastic paver moulds.

We are sustaining our reputation in the industry by keeping up with client demands by taking advantage of our meticulously maintained production units by segregating our workforce into different divisions managed by qualified experts.

Plastic paver moulds

High-quality Paver Moulds for Sale

JR Rubber Industries has first-grade paver moulds for sale at reasonable prices. Before beginning production, our dedicated analysing team thoroughly researches all aspects of our paver moulds, including design, performance, and so on.

The cornerstone of our success in the paver industry is the quality of the product that we provide. By keeping up with the demands, we are always one step ahead of the competition.

As in any manufacturing industry, customers from paver-related enterprises are looking for options that match their expectations without affecting financial terms. In that perspective, we have built healthy business relationships with numerous clients by providing the utmost services and delivering quality paver products.

If you’re looking for a good deal on paver moulds, then reaching out to JR Rubber Industries will turn out to be a stepping stone for your firm.

Plastic paver moulds

Meeting Your Needs in Convenient Ways

Let it be the need for exterior flooring or any construction requirements, JR Rubber Industries has been meeting the demands of both domestic and international clients in a satisfying manner.

Being the foremost plastic paver mould manufacturer in the industry, we are always ambitious to go beyond traditional ways of providing the most convincing products to our customers.

We have experts who make constant efforts to manufacture creative and effective paver moulds for sale that have unique features.

Our very own first clients are still our customers, which shows our quality in manufacturing paver moulds, including compound wall-rubber moulds and other customized products. JR Rubber Industries has always been committed to moulding the paver industry by being a reliable leader in paver production.

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