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How To Make Glossy High Finish Step Tiles With JR Step Tile Mould

Step tile mould

Manufacturing the perfect step tile mould for commercial purposes is the dream of all manufacturers and for that, using the right tools is essential. The thing about step tiles is that they are not the same in all places. The one’s you have in your homes may not have the same design or colour in another place. In this blog, we explain how we, JR Rubbers helps to manufacture perfct step tiles with  best quality step tile moulds.

Other than the main purpose of strength and durability, one of the other reasons for installing step tiles is its aesthetics factor itself. As mentioned in the introduction, step tiles are available in multiple designs and colours.By adding diffrent colour oxides during production wide range of colour options can be given for step tiles.

This makes our product appeal to a wider customer base of manufacturers. Also, our tile mould is cost-effective and provide a ton of advantages than traditional methods. Due to this, there has been no reason to not prefer moulds for commercial purposes.

Making The Perfect Tile Mould

The manufacturing process of our step tile moulds is not that radically different from the manufacture of other rubber mould types. The manufacturing process is similar in terms of quality and the materials used. However, the so-called differences are usually in design, colour and size. Also, we make sure to use only the best quality rubber for the manufacturing purpose. Although we focus on rubber moulds manufacturing, we also produce compound wall moulds. As they too have their own advantages in manufacturing paver blocks, step tiles, etc.

Why Our Step Tile Moulds Are The Best

There are many good companies offering step tile mould, but customers tend to choose our products over time. First of all the main reason is that it is made from rubber which itself is known for its strength and flexibility features. Also, as step tiles are installed in places such as stairs where there will be a lot of load-bearing activities such as walking or standing, they must be able to withstand such forces. Only our high-quality step tile mould delivers optimum strength and durability to the final product when manufacturing.

Our step tile moulds are used by customers for their manufacturing businesses all over the world. They are built to last for a long time and are resistant to alkaline and acid damages. Also, they come with an inner static layer that offers extra protection to the mould from wear and tear. Another reason is the long lifespan of 10-15 years on average and can last even longer depending on how it is used. You need not worry about replacing the moulds any time soon and they require only less maintenance.

Make The Right Choice

It’s all about making the right choice when purchasing high-quality step tile rubber moulds because a wrong choice causes problems in terms of quality, money and more. The thing is to choose the best quality compound wall moulds from JR Rubbers for manufacturing the best quality end products such as step tiles, paver blocks, compound walls, etc. As a manufacturer, if that is what you are looking for then, making your choice with us is the best option in the long run. We recommend you to check our website or contact us for more information on our products and services.

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