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Things you must know before paving around pool

swimming pool paving bricks

Thinking to manufacture paver blocks for swimming pools?. Unlike other paver blocks,  swimming pool paving bricks must be slip-resistant, and more importantly durable. When it comes to manufacturing such high-quality concrete pavers, only the right moulds will deliver the optimum result. So, if you are looking for such moulds for manufacturing paving around pool, then JR Rubber Industries will help you with that.

A profitable choice

Paver blocks, compound wall manufacturing have been rising in popularity and demand thanks to the advantages of our unique and renowned rubber moulds that give the shape, strength and texture to the final product. Also, using rubber moulds helps cut high budget costs in the manufacturing process. Both of these factors make pavers a profitable manufacturing business.

So, if you are looking for such profitable business ventures to begin, then purchasing the right quality pool rubber moulds from JR is the best decision you can make. For customers, if you want to install the best quality paving around swimming pool, then choose the one’s manufactured using our quality moulds as they deliver long-lasting results.

swimming pool paving bricks

Why prefer paving around pool

The benefits of paving around pool is a lot better than other traditional forms such as bricks. So, let us see what they are.


One of the biggest reasons why paver block moulds manufacturer and consumers prefer pool pavers is that they are highly affordable as compared to other means of covering the outdoor areas. Apart from being affordable, they are cost-effective to install and only requires less maintenance.

Easy installation

The biggest perk of pavers is that they can transform any outdoor space. Also, they are relatively easy to install in outdoor areas such as pools. If your outdoor space requires paver installation services, then we will do it for you. Our innovative team of professionals will set up and install quality paver blocks around your pool that improves the overall aesthetics.


When you are installing something like pavers, it has to last for a long time. Pavers are known for their high durability factor and can withstand pressure, wear and damage. One of the primary reasons for this durability is the use of the right pool rubber moulds which are manufactured and distributed by JR Rubber industries for years.

Slip-resistant surface

When installing pavers around pools, it must be slip-resistant as it gets exposed to water frequently. Ordinary tiles or other materials will not work there which is why it is important to choose paver blocks made using JR rubber moulds. Our pool rubber moulds are designed to resist slipping and in turn provide a strong grip to the paver blocks.


Less maintenance

As paver blocks are installed one by one, they are relatively easy to maintain and repair. In the event of damage, the affected paver can be easily swapped with a new one instead of pulling up the entire floor. This in turn reduces cost in the long run.


Not all swimming pool paving bricks look the same. This is because they are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and shapes. How do these paver blocks get the designs? Through moulds, of course. It is the rubber moulds that imprint the design and shape on to the final product. The higher the quality of the mould is, the better the paver blocks will become. At JR rubber industries, our moulds are available in multiple designs and shapes that suit different customer needs. 

swimming pool paving bricks

The right material or mould

From the above section, you must have understood why pavers are the best option for installing around pools. When it comes to the material, there are several types such as concrete paver, bluestone paver, stone pavers, etc. To get long-lasting and strong pavers, both the material and moulds play a vital role. The weaker the moulds are, the weaker the pavers become and eventually results in structural damage. So, when you are manufacturing durable pool pavers that sell, make sure to choose our high-quality rubber moulds.

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