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Qualities Every Rubber Paver Moulds Should Have

rubber paver moulds

Once you decide to purchase rubber paver moulds for manufacturing, there are certain things that you must check. It’s quality, features, price and more. As there are many mould manufacturers out there, it is not that easy to go out and choose one thinking it is the best one. As a paver manufacturing company, the wrong choice will lead to a chain of bad results. In this blog, we will tell you what are the qualities you should look for when purchasing moulds.

Choosing the right mould type

This is obviously the first step. You have to go to a company selling unique quality rubber paver moulds. As you can see that moulds are generally available in several types. They are available in plastic, PVC, Rubber, Silicone and more. Since you will prefer moulds that give optimum strength and durability for the products you manufacture, rubber moulds are the best option.

Whether it is a compound wall panel, a paver block or wall tile, rubber moulds are the ideal choice. Why?

Well, it possesses advantages that make it a valuable asset in the manufacturing field. Some of them include cost-effectiveness, strength and durability. Apart from those, the most distinguishing feature of rubber moulds is its flexibility. This means that the moulds don’t deform and will retain its original shape even after repetitive usage.

To know more about the advantages of our rubber paver moulds, you can check out our blogs.

Possessing quality features

rubber paver moulds

Now that you know what type of moulds to choose, the next step is looking for the features that make it distinct from the other similar variations. This is one of those areas that makes JR Rubbers the best among our competitors. Although most of them provide rubber moulds, none of them has the quality as we have. They are:

  • An anti-static inner rubber layer

  • Resistant to acid/alkaline

  • Resistance to a certain degree of heat

  • Infinite durability

So, the next time, when you look for rubber moulds, choose our moulds so that you are assured that only genuine quality products are used for manufacturing the strongest compound wall panels, paver blocks, interlock tiles, etc.

Longer life span

Even if you manage to find moulds having similar properties like ours, you should check for its lifespan. You are spending your money on something that you want it to last for a very long time, isn’t it?

Fortunately for you, our rubber moulds will serve your needs for a long time, maybe even longer. The moulds manufactured at JR Rubbers have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. As our rubber moulds don’t involve any aggressive application as tyres, the lifespan is typically unlimited.

Several clients who have chosen our rubber moulds are still using it without problems for more than 10 years. As the moulds last long, the lesser number of newer ones you will require. This, in turn, helps save costs and generate higher profits.

The right mould manufacturing company

rubber paver moulds

Only the best moulds can deliver the best results for your products. This means that only the best companies will offer the right products. Due to the success & immense applications of mould manufacturing, several companies are established with the aim of providing moulds. But not everyone will provide the right services.

If you have to make the choice, then select JR Rubber’s quality rubber moulds for manufacturing. Not only are we the best paver block moulds manufacturer worldwide, but we are having more than 25 years of experience in producing mould of all types.

Our rubber paver moulds are available in different types, design patterns & sizes that suit different customer needs. Always make the right choice by selecting the highest quality rubber moulds for your business. To get moulds of these qualities, visit JR Rubbers and find from our wide collection. For more information, please visit our website or drop us a call.

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