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Rubber Paver Moulds in 2020

Rubber Paver Moulds

Almost 6 months have passed since 2020 started. This year wasn’t that great for all of us due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, as the industries are slowing rising back on track, rubber paver moulds haven’t faced any shortage of demands. The demands for these products have only increased over time. This makes it a valuable choice for paving moulds manufacturers to make their business successful. Therefore, if you are looking to start a paver/compound wall manufacturing business, then this is the right opportunity to choose JR Rubber’s most demanded rubber moulds to become profitable.

The increasing demand

Rubber Paver MouldsUnlike other types of moulds, rubber moulds have a special place in both the business and manufacturing sectors. The superior advantages of rubber moulds make it a valuable asset. This includes strength, flexibility and more importantly the resistance to heat to a certain degree. Also, when comparing the cost, it is not that high due to the product’s extreme durability feature. Many well-known entrepreneurs are running their business using our rubber moulds for manufacturing precast compound walls thereby utilizing these advantages.

Are the other moulds less preferred

Rubber Paver Moulds











No, it isn’t like that. We never say that the other moulds are less preferred. They are also preferred for manufacturing purposes. These moulds are generally made of plastic, PVC, silicon, etc. They have their own advantages in manufacturing various products such as paver blocks and other things. Apart from rubber moulds, we manufacture the best plastic & PVC moulds.

Rubber moulds have an indefinite lifetime thanks to its advantages. Also, due to being flexible, the product doesn’t deform even after repetitive use which means that it can be used for a very long time. This, in turn, results in downing input costs and gain more profits.

Like we said this doesn’t mean that the other mould variations are inferior. They have potential and are unique in their own ways for manufacturing. If it wasn’t the case, then we would never bother about manufacturing them in the first place. As a customer what you should know is choosing the right mould manufacturing companies for purchasing moulds. 

When it comes to the best paver block moulds manufacturers, JR Rubber Industries stands out from the other competitors. We are known for our quality services, reliable products and reputation. Choosing to do your business with us will help you make huge profits and will get the best-in-class services from us.

Choosing JR Rubbers

Rubber Paver MouldsThe reasons to prefer our rubber paver moulds are many. First of all, we are having more than 25 years of professional experience in designing and manufacturing premium quality rubber moulds for different types of clients around the world. We are confident & proud to say that we are the best mould manufacturers in Thrissur. Our main objective is to deliver quality services for our customers and ever since our inception, we have never failed our objective.

Our rubber precast compound wall moulds are available in different shapes, textures and sizes. This makes it easier for you to select the right one without issues. Apart from mould manufacturing for compound wall panels, our other services include paver block manufacturing which is done using rubber, plastic or PVC’s.  Being the leading manufacturers of the best paving moulds, our rubber moulds are used by clients for their business all over the world.

All customers’ who have done business with us are completely satisfied and look forward to doing business with us for their future projects. Our next satisfied customer could be you. For that, all you have to do is choose our rubber moulds for your business.


Even though we recommend you to choose our rubber paver moulds, we don’t mind you choosing the product from another company. However, on choosing our products, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality rubber moulds that last long & makes your business profitable.  If you are interested to know more about our services and products, then you can do that by visiting our website or calling us to +918589082225. We are always happy to serve your needs.

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