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The Manufacturing Process Of Paver Tiles

rubber paver moulds

All those beautiful pavers tiles that you have seen lying in front of big landmarks or even in parks. But did you ever wonder how are they made? Through the use of rubber moulds of course. In this blog, we’ll tell you how rubber paver moulds help to manufacture the best paver blocks. Take a look.

Why are Rubber moulds special?

Rubber moulds, what makes them special for manufacturing paver blocks?

Unlike plastic moulds or any other mould type, rubber moulds have certain advantages that make them the default choice for paver block or compound wall manufacturing. The main reasons that make rubber moulds special are its flexibility and environment-friendly feature. This is not something that the other mould types can deliver.

But, to get all these advantages in your rubber moulds, it is better to buy them from reputed companies like JR Rubbers, the best rubber mould paver block manufacturers. We have produced some of the best quality rubber moulds for industrial applications. We know the benefits of rubber moulds which is why we have focussed & perfected it over the years.

However, we are not saying that our other mould types are less effective. They are useful for other purposes. Another speciality of rubber moulds is that they are not that much expensive and requires only less maintenance.

The making process

The first step in the manufacturing is pouring the mixture onto the mould placed on a vibroforming table. The vibration provided by the table helps to set the mixture to all places. After curing for a day, the blocks are then demoulded & prepared for the next round of manufacturing.

An ideal business choice

Let us talk business here. You came here to know about our products & how will they help your business, right? The whole idea is to use our products to manufacture compound walls & make your business profitable, isn’t it?

Then our rubber moulds are the best choice as a business initiative. Many well-known paver block manufacturers choose our moulds for running their business well. If your business involves manufacturing compound walls or paver blocks, then our moulds are suitable for both. As you can see, the demand for paver blocks is increasing due to its popularity.

Therefore, this is a great time to start your business in paver block/compound wall manufacturing. Since you will need moulds for the manufacturing process, make your choice with JR Rubbers & make your business profitable.

Benefits of using pavers

Now that you know rubber paver moulds are the de facto materials for making paver blocks, it is important to know about the benefits of paver blocks for residential & commercial spaces. Let us see some of them below

  • Paver blocks come in several colours, shapes and design
  • Properly installed pavers add value to home & the value can also last in the long term. 
  • Pavers are attractive, cost-effective and also safer in the long term. 
  • Most pavers come with an anti-slip feature that makes it safe even when it is wet.
  • If at any kind of damage occurs, only the damaged pavers need replacement  
  • Pavers can provide peak performance for at least more than 20 years.
  • Also, changes in the weather don’t affect the longevity of pavers
  • The joints allow the pavers to slightly move without the risk of damage even during freeze and thaw cycles as well as expansion during warmer months.

We are the right choice

As mentioned above, we are the best choice for getting rubber moulds & provide moulds for all types of applications that include wet cast pavers/ tiles, and more. Along with the supply of rubber moulds for paver blocks, we offer complete solutions for the exterior flooring industry. Apart from paver blocks, our inventory consists of paver machinery, Mini paver plant, semi-mechanized paver plant and automatic paving machine, etc.

If your paver manufacturing business needs to be successful, then make the right choice with the best Paver Block Moulds Manufacturer to get genuine & long-lasting products. Drop us a call to know more about our products & services.

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