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Using Grass Pavers For Your Front Yard

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What makes your home more beautiful on the outside?

Of course, it’s a grassed front yard, right?

But, maintaining one is not something easy, considering if you daily walk through it or drive your car or if it gets soaked in a stormy rain session. All these actions can reduce the life of the grass. So, what would you do?

You pave the area by interlocking tiles which are impervious. Although you get a perfect driveway, there exists a problem which is, you lose that grassed area you always wanted to have and also, it increases the effects of stormwater runoff.

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Therefore if you want to implement a paving mechanism that allows maintaining the grass and at the same time, reduce the effects of stormwater runoff, then your choice is to use grass pavers.                                                              

What is a Grass Paver

Grass pavers, also known as turf pavers is a type of concrete paver system which is typically implemented for driveways in residential homes, sporting centres, festival grounds, etc. They are an alternative to traditional asphalt, concrete, and traditional pavers.

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They’re made of concrete or recycled plastic with open cells through which the grass grows. What makes them preferred than the other types of pavers is that they are porous which means it allows water to penetrate the      ground layer through the grass.                                                         

The Types

As mentioned above, grass pavers are usually constructed from either plastic or concrete and come in different shapes, therefore it is essential to know the type you want to install, as different materials serve different purposes.

If you intend for a driveway, then using grass paver constructed from concrete is the best choice as concrete can stand up to the weight of the cars that are driving on top of it. If your intention is to create a small parking area for guests, then plastic grass pavers would suit the need.

The reason why plastic grass block pavers are not preferred for main driveways is that they can’t deal with much weight of the cars that are driven over it daily or parked.


Grass pavers come with many advantages. One such big advantage is minimizing stormwater runoff, which is one of the biggest sources of water pollution.

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Stormwater runoff is a condition that happens when the rainwater washes over the asphalt or concrete, picks up oil and other road pollutants and washes the whole toxic mixture into rivers. If your front yard is paved using non-permeable means such as interlocking, then the possibility of stormwater runoff to occur is very high.

Because the water is not absorbed but rather is washed away. In the case of grass pavers, the water is absorbed by the grass which in turn slow down the water and preventing erosion. Another advantage is that by using grass pavers, it enables groundwater recharging.

What is groundwater recharging?

It is a process in which the rainwater is absorbed by the ground which is drained back into the aquifers (underwater layer). When grass pavers are installed, the grass spots allow the rainwater to seep into the ground.

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This is very much effective in areas that are facing water shortages. When the water is absorbed by the grass, the pollutants are filtered out which ensures clean water enters the aquifers. Another advantage is that grass pavers keep the area around it much cooler, whereas an asphalt or interlocked tiles absorb the heat and the area around it becomes hotter.

Even though it has advantages, it comes with certain flaws too. But, this does not make grass pavers not be preferred as they are environment-friendly, which is a great thing.

Manufacturing quality grass pavers

Most of the paver are manufactured through the use of moulds. Paver moulds are of different types which are plastic paver moulds, PVC paver moulds and Rubber paver moulds. However, out of the three materials, the rubber ones are generally preferred due to its set of advantages.

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They are environment-friendly and can last for many years without losing the shape and structure, both of which are needed for manufacturing pavers.

Where to get

With a wide array of rubber paver mould manufacturers available, choosing the right one is a tough choice. However, JR Rubbers has the distinction of providing rubber paver block moulds of high quality. We believe in delivering moulds that last long and are durable to most wear and tears, so they can be used for manufacturing high-quality paver blocks for homes and residential buildings.

Our rubber moulds are resistant to most chemicals and acid attacks and are able to remain in perfect shape just as it is for many years. Our rubber paver moulds are used by many industries in many countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Vietnam, Middle East, etc. If you want premium grade rubber moulds for paver manufacturing, then make your purchase from JR Rubbers.

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