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Why JR Uses Rubber Mould For Compound Walls Manufacturing

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With the introduction of moulds, the demand for compound wall panel manufacturing has been increasing. Being the best rubber paver mould manufacturers in the world, we prefer rubber moulds for implementing compound walls & paver blocks. Even though our inventory consists of other mould types such as plastic & PVC, we prefer rubber moulds only. Rubber paver mould manufacturers.

What happened to the other mould types? Why are they not used for compound wall manufacturing?. You might think. We are not saying it is impossible to make compound walls from other mould types. They are not generally preferred due to the advantages given by rubber moulds. In this blog, we explain what distinguishes rubber moulds from other types.

What Makes Rubber Moulds Different

Even though plastic, PVC moulds have their own merits, they lack in certain areas that make them less preferred to rubber moulds. The biggest advantage of rubber moulds is it’s unique ability to flex and return to its original shape. This allows rubber moulds to last for a very long time which in turn helps to save unnecessary costs. 

This also makes them suitable for compound wall building applications. Applications where acoustic or vibration-absorbing properties are essential, rubber delivers the best performance. Another advantage is its application in extreme environments. Rubber mould for precast compound walls is able to survive extreme temperatures with ease. Plastic moulds are not generally suitable for such harsh environmental conditions. 

Natural & Cost-Saving

Since rubber is a naturally occurring material, the moulds made from rubber are environment friendly. This is one of the reasons to choose rubber moulds for manufacturing compound walls. Unlike other types, you don’t have to worry about the harm caused to nature due to the use of these moulds.

Rubber moulds are less expensive to produce than plastic or PVC ones. Thanks to the flexibility of rubber, wall panels made from rubber moulds are easier to demould. The other types often use methods such as compressed air to blow the part off the mould.

Choose From JR Rubbers

The precast compound wall moulds manufactured at JR Rubbers delivers the highest quality & longevity. They are available in a variety of design patterns to choose from. We only design & make the strongest moulds for commercial applications. As per industrial recommendations, our products undergo a rigorous manufacturing process. This ensures that you always get genuine quality products from us.

Our rubber moulds have a lifespan of 15 years which will last even more depending on its usage patterns. Also, they need only less maintenance and are affordable for all types of businesses. Clients all over the world have chosen JR Rubber’s innovative products. This, in turn, has made us the global leaders in manufacturing rubber moulds.


Rubber moulds are the ultimate solution for paver blocks & compound walls, there’s no doubt in that. What matters is making JR Rubbers your first choice for buying premium quality rubber moulds. To know more about our products in detail, please drop us a call or check out our website today.

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