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Shot Blasting Paving Blocks For A Beautiful Home Exterior

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When spending a lot for the interior looks of your house you cannot compromise in its exterior too. Especially when the flooring is considered the usage of low quality products will not be beneficial in the long run. A paver block design apart from enhancing the beauty of the exterior of your house will also make your home resilient. Even though these are widely used in compound areas, driveways, parking area, outside shopping mall area and pedestrian walkways, it is only recently that people began to use it on the surface of their house compound. While concrete pavers were used earlier times the advancement in technology has forced the manufacturers as well as the common people to upgrade to different materials. Nowadays the use of PVC pavers, Plastic Paver Blocks and rubber paver blocks seems quite common. These materials provide great design and robustness to the house by protecting it from severe climate setting. The wide usage of such materials has led to the manufacture of much cheaper, long-lasting and attractive paving tiles.

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Today’s youth prefer to buy their blocks directly from paver block manufacturers as they now understand the benefits of using such blocks to beautify their compound. Some of the benefits of using paving blocks include the following:

    • Materials such as PVC, Rubber, and Plastic are better than the normal brick
    • Blocks built of such materials remain unchanged during monsoons
    • Once installed you don’t need to spend any amount for its maintenance
    • It has proven to be durable and resilient

JR Rubbers is a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality paver block moulds. Since paver blocks are an unavoidable part of modern landscaping and urban planning, our interlocking paver molds are widely used by different paver block manufactures.

Interlocking, shot blasting and other sort of paver block molds are produced by us. The blocks produced using our molds excels in its simplicity without distressing the existing surroundings. Our interlocking paver molds have different shapes, colors and themes as per your requirement.

Apart from rubber paver moulds we also manufacture PVC Paver Mold and Plastic Paver Mould. Our molds are widely used for pavement of parking areas, food parks, railways stations, shopping malls compound, driveways and pedestrian walkways. According to your budget and preference you can select from our wide range of quality products.

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Ways to make your home exterior more attractive

There are different ways to make your home exterior more attractive with Paving Blocks.

Tiles with Drainage

Select paving blocks in such a way that it creates a nice symmetry. Make sure that you lay your tiles in such a way that the water will be able to penetrate the gaps and flow down into the soil. This could also prevent flooding during the rainy season. Such designs not only add beauty but also helps the tiles to last for long.

Grass-Jointed Geometry

Usage of some geometric design of pavers in front of a home could provide an elegant look in overall. Adding greenery in between the tiles could make your home exterior more attractive without taking much space. The grass in between absorbs water preventing the tiles from slippery. It also helps in the penetration of water to the underground when more water comes in contact with the tiles.

Grid Pattern

A grid pattern is simpler and matches with architectural pattern of any house. A square or rectangular floor tile is very cost effective and easy to apply without any wastage of space. If you wish you could highlight the pattern or give alternating tile colors in between the tiles to add an attractive look to the grid pattern.

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Interlocking paver blocks

Interlocking paver blocks are adopted by many as it is safe for outdoor applications. Even when the top surface of this kind of paver is covered by oil due to the passing of vehicle over them, you can easily walk as it is safe. During the monsoon season, the interlocking paver block could be wet but you will be able to walk on it without slipping over them. Interlocking pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant.

Permeable paving

Adopting the method of Permeable paving can allow infiltration of fluids. It also traps suspended solids reducing the surface runoff. Pollutants are filtered from the water. Even though this type of paving blocks are widely used in cycle-paths, service or emergency access lanes, road and airport shoulders, and driveways, it can be also used in residential sidewalks for beauty as well as for lasting results.

You can choose us for your requirement as we are the best paving moulds manufacturers in the market. Please contact us for more details.

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