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Rubber Moulds For Flooring

Rubbber Moulds

 One of the important things for a house is flooring. We all know that tiles are used for flooring purposes. Normally flooring tiles are manufactured from moulds which are commonly plastic PVC moulds. When it comes to moulds, did you know that rubber moulds can be used for manufacturing flooring tiles?

Rubber moulds come with many benefits, therefore, the flooring tiles made from these moulds have more benefits the other types of flooring tiles. If you are here to know about that, then this blog is for you.

Miraculous Rubber

Rubber is one of the most versatile, durable and strong material that has applications in many fields. One of the biggest property of rubber is its elasticity which makes it stretched up to a certain point. Its other benefits include heat resistance, water resistance, durability and much more. Due to these features, rubbers are ideal for making moulds which in turn can be used for

Another property that makes rubber this much preferred is that it is recyclable which means it can be used again. If you have any old tyres in your home, instead of just burning it, put it to some use.

How Rubber Flooring Tiles Benefits You

Here we describe how the rubber mould floor tiles benefit the residential homes, commercial buildings, etc. If you are in the process of deciding what type of tiles you want for your home, read these benefits and then make a decision

 Rubber Moulds


The main reason for preferring these flooring tiles is its durability feature. Rubber flooring tiles are able to withstand high pressures and impacts, support huge weights of people. It is water-resistant such that it cannot be damaged by moisture or spills. 

What makes the flooring this durable is its elasticity feature. Since these flooring tiles are able to absorb huge impacts, these tiles are popular in gyms, commercial places where a lot of people are constantly on their feet. These floors also provide more cushion than other flooring types which in turn improves comfort and reduces injuries and fatigue.

Slip Resistance

One of the common problems associated with tiles is slipping, especially when the tiles are wet. Tiles manufactured from other flooring options such as wooden or other materials provides a clean and smooth surface, the chances of slipping is still present. To avoid such unfortunate events, rubber paver moulded tiles are used.

What makes these tiles preferred for flooring is that they are scratch proof and does not cause slipping. Due to these factors, these tiles are ideal for the flooring of bathrooms and in the events of the rainy season.

Low Maintenance

Although rubber floor tiles are costly, when compared to other flooring types, it only needs less maintenance. The low maintenance can be attributed to its high durability. Since the tiles are scratch-resistant, they can be cleaned by using any common inexpensive detergents and floor cleaners.

Another feature of rubber flooring tiles is that they are available in different design patterns and colours. These patterns include plain designs, checks and stripe patterns, abstract patterns and more.


This is what separates rubber flooring tiles from other flooring types, recyclability. Unlike other materials, rubber is a recyclable material, therefore, it employs reusability i.e the flooring tiles can be reused again. This is not the case with flooring tiles made from plastic. 

Suppose if your floor tiles are damaged or the colour is faded, you don’t need to buy a new one, but you can recycle and reuse the tiles as and when required.

Save Energy Bills

If you are worried about energy costs and want to save the bills, then considering rubber flooring tiles is a wise choice. Why?

It saves energy bills by reducing the insulation value. A rubber floor tile comes with a layer of insulation between the floor and the room which helps block the heat from escaping the floor. So you don’t need to spend much energy on heating the floor.

Why Rubber Moulds

As mentioned above, the benefits of rubber are many which make it an ideal candidate for using it for manufacturing moulds. One of the biggest advantages is that the moulds made from rubber is environment-friendly and it lasts really long. Since these moulds are not used as aggressively as tires, the lifetime of rubber moulds is quite infinite.

When choosing rubber moulds for producing flooring tiles, it is recommended to purchase from reputed mould manufacturers. When it comes to choosing the best mould providers in Thrissur, JR Rubbers stands out due to its reputation and experience. 

rubber moulds

The Best Company

Although there are many companies that manufacture moulds, JR Rubbers has the reputation of manufacturing premium quality paver rubber moulds for making quality paver blocks for homes, commercial buildings, public areas, etc. We have more than 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and distributing rubber paver moulds in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Middle Eastern countries, etc. Our rubber moulds are resistant to chemicals and acid attacks and they are environment-friendly. Compared to other types of moulds, our rubber moulds remain in perfect shape even after using it for many years.

Apart from floor tile rubber moulds, we manufacture other range of products which include rubber Moulds for pavers, tiles, kerbstone, cover blocks and Polypropylene Plastic Paver Moulds, etc.

If you are looking for moulds that offer benefits for you and the environment, then visit JR Rubbers and purchase from our wide range of high-quality rubber mould products.


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