Design rubber moulds for concrete products as per your specification

Now, getting customized moulds for your precast concrete product shouldn’t be a headache,

We make custom moulds to meet your requirements with precision.

Our 30+ years of experience in rubber mould manufacturing will ensure moulds are developed to meet the specific goal with precision and engineering and design perfection. Our rubber moulds for pavers are considered the best in the paver industry.

Are you a concrete product manufacturer looking for mould manufacturers to develop customized moulds for precast products?

We are the solution!

If you are a paver manufacturer looking for the best mould manufacturer who provides you with rubber moulds for your  concrete precast products ,you want to develop unique designs and and for customized requirements , call us right now.

We collaborate with you to create and innovate products using cutting-edge technology. JR Rubber Industries is well equipped with a team of skilled engineers, dye makers, and designers to manufacture any kind of precast mould with the latest technology.

We Offer High-Quality Rubber Moulds For Pavers

We can develop rubber moulds for a vast range of concrete and cement products, be it Rubber moulds for pavers,Kerb stone rubber moulds, Ventilation moulds, Step tile moulds, Manhole cover moulds , Drain slabs moulds , Boundary wall moulds , Pole moulds, Precast moulds, or any other kind of concrete rubber mould.

Rubber is the ultimate and best solution for paver and precast manufacturing. It has the unique ability to vibro-transfer all intrinsic patterns to moulds and is easy to demould. Concrete products manufactured by vibro forming in rubber moulds develop high strength and extreme finishing. Rubber moulds can give zero damage production, which causes less production loss. Our rubber moulds have a durability of 15 years on average. They can be used for continuous production for years.

How is the process ?

A feasibility study is conducted to understand the possibilities of the development of rubber moulds when a custom design is received from a client. We make detailed drawings of the design; create prototypes of the final products; consult with the client for verification; make revisions; final design; create prototypes to analyze the design. Once the design is approved, the product goes into manufacturing. After trials and corrections, if needed, it goes into mass production.

A work done with high precision,and technical skill which we are well proud of. We have done a series of customized designs for clients across the globe.

A few of such designs :

1.  D2 Drain Slab 2 :

Drain slab rubber mould client in Noida,India. Rubber moulds are strong, flexible which makes Demoulding easy,with zero production damage and waste. Difficulty in demoulding and breaked edges,no finishing are the few of many struggles faced with other moulds like metal or plastic moulds, All these issues are eliminated in rubber moulds.For design shapes with perforations rubber moulds are only material suitable for making moulds,since rubber moulds are flexible and easily demoulded from perforations.


2.   Railway Hexagon Rubber Mould

A hexagon rubber mould was designed and developed for a client in Orissa, India, for his Indian Railways project. The surface finishing is glossy, with chamfered edges. The hexagon paver thickness is 150 mm. The moulds weigh 9 kg.

rubber mould manufacturing

3.  Curb stone rubber mould

Custom Curb Stone Rubber Mould designed and manufactured for Shapoorji Pallonji group,for their IIT construction project in Palakkad,Kerala,India.

rubber mould manufacturing


4.  Road channel rubber mould

For a client in Nairobi, Noida, a road channel rubber mould was manufactured. Rubber moulds can make sharp-edged concrete products without even a slight breakage or damage. High-finished road channels can be manufactured at ease with rubber moulds


rubber mould manufacturing


5.  Tactile paver rubber moulds

Tactile paver rubber moulds, dimensions 300*300*60mm, created for a Kuwaiti client. The design has a combination of matte and glossy surfaces, which is well replicated on pavers.

rubber mould manufacturing6. Sopa paver rubber mould

Custom paver rubber moulds are developed for clients in Arusha city, Tanzania. We supplied rubber moulds, machines, and chemicals for clients to take production right away after receipt of the shipment.


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