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Choose Only The Best Moulds From JR Rubbers

rubber moulds for compound walls

As you all know that high-quality moulds are becoming increasingly preferred in the paver block/compound wall manufacturing sector. There’s no doubt that moulds, especially rubber moulds for compound walls have helped several businesses to become successful and profitable within the shortest time period.

However certain people make the wrong choice in selecting the moulds for their business purposes. This, in turn, leads to disastrous results. However, you can prevent such issues can by choosing our products. Most of the clients choose our moulds for running their business which we are really proud to say.

In this blog, we explain what makes our blogs the best for manufacturing and why you should choose them for your business.

What Makes Our Moulds Special

Mould manufacturing is not something that happens within a short time. To deliver the best quality for the final products, the moulds must have the right quality. Unlike our competitors, our moulds come with features. This includes high strength, easier demoulding capability, longer life spans & innovative designs.

The moulds we design and develop are the finest and more importantly, they are cost-effective too. One fine example is our rubber moulds for compound walls. They don’t deform from their original shape even after repetitive usage due to their flexibility feature

Even our plastic moulds are of the highest quality. It is made using 100% virgin plastic raw materials. It consists of a smooth inner layer that helps transfer all the intricate designs to the tile/paver blocks. What we say is that once you choose our moulds, you will never have to look back. That’s a promise we can guarantee. If it wasn’t, then our products would have never been opted by clients worldwide.

Our Products

Being one of the best paver block moulds manufacturers in the world, we have a wide array of regular and compound wall moulds that are suitable for all manufacturing types. At JR Rubbers, we primarily manufacture rubber moulds, plastic moulds and PVC moulds that are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and design.

Some of our innovative products are the following:

Rubber Moulds

  • PM 213 Rubix

  • MC 701 Ventilator grill

  • TM 43 Castle

  • PM 40 Zig-Zag Rock

  • DM 63 Nitco

PVC Moulds

  • PVC 12 Nexa

  • PVC 8 Rectangle

  • PVC 5 Dumbells

  • PVC 15 New square

  • PVC 3 Dune

Plastic Moulds

  • SP 100 Zig-zag 80

  • SP 101 Hexad 1

  • SP 106 Arch

  • SP 104 I Shape

  • SP 117 Petra

Compound Wall Rubber Mould

  • MC 800 Compound wall grid

  • MC 801 Compound wall Lilly

  • MC 802 Compound wall Brick

The list doesn’t end here. We have even more in our inventory that is available in multiple design patterns. All our products cater to different customer requirements. To check out more products, we recommend you to visit our place.

The quality we provide

Quality is what every customer wants when they are spending their money on our products. Since our inception, we have only manufactured high-quality moulds that have satisfied our customers. We have been in this field for more than 25 years during which we have perfected the manufacturing process of the best moulds. We believe in providing the best to the customers for the price they pay us. Due to this, we never compromise quality for the sake of gaining profits.

We are one of the reputed firms in the world that provides the best compound wall grill rubber moulds in Kerala. As mentioned, our products have been used by several clients across various countries. Apart from moulds, our inventory consists of machinery such as paver machinery, Mini paver plant, semi-mechanized paver plant and automatic paving machine, etc.


Our quality moulds are the best option for your manufacturing needs. aver block & compound wall manufacturing, there’s no doubt in that. Even though our rubber moulds for compound walls & other types are the best investment choice, you are always free to make your own. However, we recommend that you make your purchase with us so that you get the moulds that have higher strength & durability.

If you want to do business with us or want to know more about our services, please drop us a call or you can check our website.

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