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Create the perfect cement jalis with JR Rubber’s quality moulds

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Moulds are being used for manufacturing a wide range of products such as compound walls, paver blocks, floor tiles and many more. One such material is cement jali which is primarily used for lowering the overall temperature in homes and commercial buildings. With the popularity of rubber mould and PVC moulds, cement jali manufacturing has become much more demanded. In this blog, we explain how we have manufactured the best rubber mould for cement vents and quality jalis for commercial purposes.

Rubber Mould

More than just an attraction

One thing that we all can agree on is that cement jalis look aesthetically pleasing at the first sight. These items indeed come with vents in different shapes and sizes. However, apart from the visual part, the main function of jalis is for cooling purposes. Due to this even now, cement jalis are implemented in homes and commercial buildings.

The main thing that makes cement jalis now popular and demanded is thanks to rubber mould that gives the product its shape, size and texture. For years, we JR Rubber industries have been manufacturing the best quality PVC moulds & rubber mould for cement vents and jalis. As the demand for cement jali increases, so does the demand for good quality moulds. So, if you are into manufacturing jalis, then our moulds are the best option.

Rubber Mould For Cement Vents

The importance of jali moulds

Now that you have understood how jalis are made from moulds, it is important to know more about the rubber mould in detail. Even though moulds are used for manufacturing a lot of products, only the best ones deliver long-term results. In simple words, if the mould has less strength and is of inferior quality, then the products such as jalis made from them will not last for a long time. This is why it is important to choose rubber mould for cement vents from JR Rubbers that come with optimum strength and quality. We manufacture PVC and Rubber cement jali moulds although we primarily go for rubber variants due to their superior advantages. You can read about them right here.

Rubber Mould For Cement Vents

Choose the right moulds with JR

As many manufacturers make moulds, it is extremely important to choose the right moulds for business. Even though the products may look alike, the quality may not be like what we offer. We aim to make and distribute the best quality rubber and PVC moulds for cement jalis. In fact, due to our sheer determination and our product quality, we have been regarded as one of the best rubber mould manufacturer by several clients worldwide.

Rubber Mould For Cement Vents

Our product range includes rubber moulds for precast compound walls, paver blocks, wall & floor tiles, pool pavers and more. To cater to a wider audience, our rubber mould for cement vents are available in different sizes, colours and textures. For the case of cement jalis, we have a large collection of designs that get effectively imprinted on to the final product during the manufacturing process. Although you are free to choose other moulds for your uses, we recommend that you choose our products for a longer life span, quality and more. You can check our website or call us to know more about our innovative cement jali moulds.

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