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Wondering how rubber moulds make your business profitable?. The applications of rubber moulds are huge. How do you think all those compound walls & paver blocks are made? They are made through moulds, more specifically rubber moulds. For years JR Rubbers have manufactured the best quality rubber mould for compound walls. In this blog, we explain how our rubber moulds help your business to become profitable.

Superior Properties

Moulds are normally available in many variants such as plastic, PVC silicone & rubber etc. Although each one has its own set of advantages for commercial applications,

rubber mould for precast compound walls have proven superior to all of them in terms of certain features. These qualities coupled with JR Rubber’s expertise in manufacturing them is definitely worth your business.

So, how exactly does it help your business?

Well, if you are a compound wall or paver block manufacturer, then you definitely need these moulds. The quality of the final product is determined by the quality of the mould used. This means the higher the quality of the moulds, the higher the quality of the product.

The demand for compound walls providing boundary protection has seen an increase in recent years. Since precast compound wall moulds are the essential materials for manufacturing them, the demand for them increases automatically. As the demand keeps on increasing so does the business growth.

Qualities of JR Rubber Moulds

As mentioned above, rubber moulds are known for their superior properties that make them the ultimate choice for industrial use. If you’re looking for quality moulds that will help you to successfully manufacture long-lasting compound walls or paver blocks, then opting for them from JR Rubbers is a wise choice. Now, let us see the qualities that distinguish our rubber moulds from others.

Strength & Durability

The products such as compound walls manufactured by moulds must be strong & durable, right?. If else, what is the point of moulds in the first place?

With this in mind, we only manufacture supreme rubber moulds that offer unmatched quality, strength & durability. Also, the moulds have an average life span of 15 years & more depending on the use. With such amazing features, the need for frequent mould requirements is less to nil except if new designs are needed for manufacturing purposes.


This is considered as the USP of rubber moulds. They are able to be flexible and revert to their original configuration. The advantage is that the moulds don’t lose their shape even after repetitive usage for a long time. Instead of buying another mould every time after the first use, JR Rubber’s products are designed to provide optimum strength & durability for long time periods.

Also, rubber moulds are generally inexpensive to manufacture which means that our products are affordable. This, in turn, helps saves costs and increase the profitability of your business. 

Multiple designs

Our rubber moulds are available in multiple shapes, sizes & designs that appeal to all types of customers. During the manufacture of compound walls, these designs are effectively imprinted on them which increases the product’s aesthetic appeal. We are one of the best manufacturers of compound wall grill rubber moulds in Kerala.

Resistance to chemicals

Another important property of our moulds is that they are resistant to acid & alkaline chemicals. This is particularly useful in situations where rubber moulds might interact in environments contains these sorts of chemicals. However, there’s nothing to worry about in the event of such situations occurring.

By doing your business with JR Rubber, you get to enjoy all these above-mentioned qualities and helps you achieve successful business growth in the long run.

Why chose us

Being a reputed rubber paver mould manufacturer, our high-quality rubber moulds have proven to be capable of providing strength & durability to the end products built using it. Having more than 25 years of experience, our innovative moulds has been the first choice for many clients & industries worldwide.

This has enabled us to become global leaders in rubber mould manufacture & distribution.   Our products are ideal for all those who are looking to get add an additional revenue stream or those who are doing their first business. Whatever your initiative, we are happy to help you achieve your target goal. For that, we have the right tools & resources that meets all your expectations.

Drop us a call at +918589082225 to know more about our rubber moulds and of course, become a part of us by choosing our products for your business.

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