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Why is thickness important in PVC paver moulds?

pvc paver moulds

Paver blocks made from PVC paver moulds have helped shape up beautiful landscapes, commercial projects and a lot more applications. For paver block manufacturers and factories, these products have helped them achieve higher business growth and profits. When manufacturing paver blocks for a particular area, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. This involves the type of paver block, size, shape and related features. As the market offers paver blocks made using quality materials such as rubber, PVC paver moulds, and are available in so many different shapes, thickness, it is easy to become confused but we are here to make it clear.

pvc paver moulds


The importance of Thickness

Even though PVC moulds are known for their strength, durability and other benefits, one of the most important factors when choosing them to manufacture paver blocks is the thickness. These numbers represent a lot about the product and the application purpose. When it comes to thickness, each one is suitable for particular projects. At JR Rubbers, each PVC paver block we manufacture comes with different thickness levels which makes it easier to implement for different usage scenarios.

pvc paver mould

The ideal thickness for the ideal purpose

As we told that our PVC paver moulds are available in different thickness, let us see what type of PVC pavers are ideal for areas based on their thickness. This is something important to know for manufacturers so that you can produce the right one as per the demand.


Paver blocks having 25mm thickness is ideal for walkways and light load-bearing purposes. These pavers usually derive their strength when they are installed as interlock pattern. Although these pavers can be manufactured in different designs using quality PVC moulds, they are not suitable for heavy load-bearing purposes.


This is the most commonly preferred paver block thickness size. Pavers made using 60mm size PVC moulds are suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic. When it comes to strength and cost they are in an ideal ratio. Not only they offer excellent strength properties, but they also offer wider designs and aesthetic value.


These paver blocks are ideal for heavier vehicular load bearing areas such as parking lots, petrol pumps, bus stations etc. Once installed, there won’t be anything to worry about load-bearing or the need for a replacement any time soon.


Pavers with 100mm thickness are considered for heavy-duty areas where there will be a lot of traffic and load-bearing activities at all times. The speciality of these blocks is that they are manufactured using the best quality PVC moulds. This results in tremendous strength and is used in areas such as docks, ports and loading areas.

rubber paver moulds

At JR Rubber industries, we manufacture PVC & rubber paver mould in all sizes and thickness. Some of our PVC mould product ranges include the following:


  • PVC 5 Dumbells
  • PVC 6 Colorado
  • PVC 7 ZigZag line
  • PVC 8 Rectangle
  • PVC 12 Nexa

Choosing PVC mould from the right place

Now that you know about the different mould thickness, the next step is to choose them from the leading moulds manufacturer JR Rubber Industries. Having over 25 years of experience in making moulds for a variety of commercial applications and clients worldwide, we understand your business requirements correctly and implement the right tools for the purpose. We primarily manufacture mould from rubber, PVC which are ideal for making paver blocks, compound walls, wall tiles, cement jalis and more. The reasons to choose our PVC paver moulds are many such as an almost infinite lifespan, innovative designs, affordability and unbeatable quality are some of them.

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