PVC paver mould

Have you noticed the neatness and beauty paver blocks brings to our premises? It beautifully covers the unpleasant areas or vacant porches or verandas in such away. The way people perceive the exterior of a home or office is very different from the past years. High importance is given to how well the exterior portions are kept like the interior of a building. 

Subsequently, the best choice for yards, porches or verandas is paver blocks. As the demand for paver blocks is hiking so the requirement for moulds such as plastic moulds for bricks.
Paver blocks appear in different colours, designs, shapes and so on. Have you ever thought about how these pavers created?

Are you looking forward to extend your business? Or do you have any plans to commence a startup? If so. You must research and keen on where to procure the right moulds for your needs without compromising on quality.

 Each and every paver block manufacturer involves in the production of paver moulds for the growing demands from small scale businesses, startups as well as large scale industries. There are many firms who concentrate on manufacturing paver moulds. There are different types of paver moulds are manufactured such as rubber, plastic, and PVC. Among them, a prominent name is JR Rubber Industries.

Let us take a glance at the diverse type of moulds used for block paving.

Rubber Moulds for Pavers

When you think about paver moulds, first comes in mind is rubber. This happens simply because of the exclusive advantages of it. Casting perfect pavers is safe with rubber, why it even assures longevity despite its constant wear and tear. The outer layer of the mould is the same as that of automobile tyres. On the other hand, the inner layer consists of special rubber for glazing pavers. The strong and durable nature of rubber ensures perfect shape when casting pavers.

Pvc Paver Mold

PVC paver mould


PVC paver mould is a variety of paver moulds. The importance lies in its ability to give perfect shapes. It is very much suitable to mould complex designs as well as identically the same patterns. It is flexible and comes in diverse colours. Polyvinyl Chloride, is commonly known as PVC is a thermoplastic used in injection moulding for multiple reasons. Moulding material used for moulding process must have enduring features and often PVC paver mould manufacturer opt ‘PVC’ for production. It is very durable in nature. Besides, highly resistant to abrasion, chemical, and flames.

Plastic mould manufacturers not only utilize thermoplastics like polyvinyl chloride but opt polypropylene plastic for the fabrication of moulds. These moulds has much longer longevity than PP moulds available in the industry, as this is made from the virgin plastic material. Furthermore, intricate and complex designs can be inscribed easily. It can be produced quickly and always maintain the exact shape, even though it’s complicated. You can get these moulds in diverse colours and designs as we have almost endless options. 

JR Rubber Industries, being one of the rubber paver mould manufacturers has earned a reputation of producing premium quality rubber moulds as well as other moulds, both for local requirements as well as overseas. We have always keen to provide quality and enduring paver moulds for our customers. This is the secret of our success formula as we never compromise on quality. Our team exports rubber paver moulds, plastic moulds to multiple countries. This harmonious clientele itself speaks for our perseverance. Our loyal clients like Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Somalia, Malawi, Niger and Nigeria are scattered around the globe.  We are a group of diligent people who comprises dye makers, technologists, skilled workers to craft the best moulds for you. If you ever wish to make a distinct one, we can make that dream of yours a reality.  We believe all your search for paver production ends here. You can procure finest moulds that cater to your industry needs. Plastic and PVC moulds are available along with rubber moulds. Join our hands for premium quality products as well as a bright future ahead in your business. 

We stand out from other competitors providing our clientele quality products. The following key points elaborate on how our  moulds rank 1st in the market:

Rubber Moulds

PVC paver mould

  • Mould’s inner layer is resistant to Acid and Alkaline
  • Inner layer made of non-static and anti-static
  • Finest rubber moulds for paver production industries
  • Infinite lifespan and offers durability similar to automobile tyres
  • Assured 12 – 15 lifespan for rubber moulds

Plastic Moulds

  • Virgin plastic materials
  • Easy demoulding
  • Smooth inner layer enable intricate designs


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