Precast compound wall moulds

The Need For Compound Wall Moulds

compound wall Rubber Moulds

Compound wall panels have replaced the existing traditional brick walls in homes & commercial spaces. They have proven superior to brick walls in strength, cost-effectiveness & durability. Also, they can be manufactured in any design thanks to the moulds. So, what makes compound rubber moulds this popular for business?

Compound Wall Mould Panels

As you can see the traditional way of manufacturing & installing brick walls took a lot of time & was quite expensive. Not only that, but the designs offered by brick walls were similar & provide less protection from environmental hazards. With the introduction of rubber moulds, it solved all the limitations of the existing brick walls and provided better advantages.

These factors made ​ precast compound wall moulds the first choice for several paver block manufacturing businesses. In this blog, we will explain why compound wall moulds are the best choice for business.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Unlike brick walls which are made by stacking bricks with cement on top of each other, compound wall panels are manufactured using rubber moulds. The manufacturing process is comparatively easy and requires only fewer resources which makes it one of the reasons for its preference by many paver manufacturing businesses.

Why Should You Start Compound Wall Manufacturing?

The market and the demand for compound walls is going into heights. Therefore, producing boundary walls will be a business that assures more profit in the long run. But, to manufacture compound walls, you need the right rubber moulds.

compound wall moulds

Another reason is security as the walls protect the valuable space from environmental threats. It acts as a marking of your territory & helps prevent unauthorized entry to your property. Many types of compound walls exist today and the trend is going further on.

Have you ever thought about where to find the best moulds?. We know where to find them.

Finding The Right Mould Manufacturer

Compound wall mould manufacturers are scattered across the country and finding the right one demands little effort in the form of research. The thing about rubber moulds is that it should be of the finest quality and must be able to overcome all adversities such as moist and excess heat etc. It should also be cost-effective at the same time. The easy installation and remoulding capability easily bag the affinity of manufacturers of the compound walls.

This is where JR Rubbers stands out from other companies. We are known for producing some of the best rubber moulds to the point that they are recognized all over the world. Although our products consist of moulds made of plastic & PVC, we generally prefer rubber moulds for manufacturing purposes. Being one of the renowned ​ precast compound wall moulds manufacturers worldwide, we provide the topmost quality products to our clientele, thus ensuring better sales and profit.

The Ultimate Choice

Precast compound wall moulds ​ are considered the best option for manufacturing boundary walls.

Why say so?

The distinct qualities of rubber mould include unmatched lifespan, quality & performance. Moreover, the flexibility of rubber moulding in demoulding also makes it a special component. The spectacular features of our compound wall Rubber Moulds are
as follows:

● Easy to demould
● Easy Installation
● High strength & durability
● Acid/Alkaline resistant inner layer
● Variety of astonishing designs

Some of our range of products include:

MC800 Compound Wall Panel
These ​ compound wall moulds ​ give the best product that is strong and resilient, unlike the plastic moulds. It is easy to install and de-mould.

MC802 Compound Wall Panel Brick
The brick-shaped panel compound wall panel brick has strength similar to automobile tyres. The moulds maintain the appearance even without washing.

Compound wall moulds

MC803 Compound Wall Panel Plain
This Compound wall panel plain rubber mould does not have any deformation in shape. These moulds also ensure a long life-span.

MC801 Compound Wall Panel Lilly
Compound wall panel Lilly mould has astonishing designs along with other features of the rubber mould.


If your business requires the best moulds, then make your first choice with JR Rubbers. We provide high-quality ​ compound wall moulds for manufacturing the best boundary walls. We always assure our products’ quality by the best machinery and
sophisticated technical expertise.

Our rubber moulds are the best option your business can get. Also, our products have high demand in various countries around the world. They are durable and last even after years of constant usage. A wide range of products is available in various shapes,
colours and textures. Drop us a call or check out our website to know more about our products & services.

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