What to know before choosing a compound wall mould

precast compound wall moulds

Selecting the right precast compound wall moulds can be a tough choice considering the number of companies that manufacture them on a large scale. But one has to be chosen, right?. Everyone wants their walls to become strong and durable in the long run. The most important choice to be made is choosing the moulds. How well the choice is made, the better the final result becomes.

When it comes to choosing a compound wall mould for making wall panels, there are many options such as Plastic, PVC, Rubber etc. But among them, rubber moulds are the ultimate choice for commercial production. Here we explain some tips to know about choosing the right compound wall mould.

Knowing the manufacturing process

Although it may seem not important, it is better to know how these moulds are made. What makes compound walls right for boundary protection is that it is easy to manufacture in various designs & needs only less installation time. However, as mentioned above, the most important thing is choosing the right compound wall rubber mould because it is what provides the wall it’s required strength & durability.

The compound walls are manufactured by placing the mould on a vibroforming table. After that concrete mixture is poured into it and is spread to all sides evenly by a worker. The Vibro forming helps the concrete to reach places where the human hand cannot reach. After curing for a day, the wall panels are demoulded & prepared for the next round of manufacturing. In fact, many repute companies usually show the manufacturing process which can be viewed on their website or onsite.

Choosing the Right type

Discarding a mould after a single use is not preferred as the moulds are not cheap. Thereforecompound wall mould that doesn’t lose shape or deform after usage must be preferred. This is where rubber moulds become the perfect choice and distinct from other mould types. They don’t deform which in turn results in infinite usage. When compared with plastic & PVC, rubber moulds are environment-friendly. This is definitely something worth considering when choosing a compound wall mould.

Selecting the best dealer

Rubber moulds are known for their excellent properties mainly strength and long-term reusability. These factors make it an excellent choice for manufacturing paver moulds &

precast compound walls. Once the choice has been made to buy rubber moulds, it is wise to get it from JR Rubbers.

We have the widest range of precast compound wall moulds that are perfect for manufacturing compound walls or paver blocks & more. We are the leading manufacturers of the best quality rubber moulds for both domestically & internationally. What makes our rubber moulds unique from competitors are:

  • A high degree of strength & reusability

  • They are flexible & don’t lose shape

  • Comes with a lifetime of 15 years

  • Inner rubber layer is acid-alkaline resistant

  • Requires less maintenance

Apart from that our moulds are available in different sizes & designs which makes it appealing to a wide range of commercial applications such as residential homes or commercial buildings etc. Several reputed clients have been benefited with our rubber moulds.

Now you must have understood what type of moulds must be chosen for manufacturing compound walls. If you want stronger compound walls that last long, then choose the best rubber moulds from us. For more information on our products, please visit our website or drop us a call at +91-8589082225.

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