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Beautify Your Home With Designer Tiles and Block Paving

paving tiles

We all admire beauty and neatness in everything. What about our homes and the workplace? The same principle drives us everywhere. Nowadays, concrete designer tiles and paver blocks are used for exterior as well as interior adornment. You are very familiar with these types of tiles as these usually used for the interior of offices and houses. Likewise, paver blocks embellish our courtyards, verandas, and porches.

Concrete designer tiles come in different varieties in various shapes, patterns, colors, strengths, and sizes. They are pleasing to our eyes and you can select preferred shapes in line with your building design and requirement. Most of the concrete tiles are used in all sorts of interior works. Diverse designs such as sculptural, 3 D designs, embedded, cut out, imprinted patterns are widely available only with concrete tiles. The installation covers all places of indoor such as floor and walls. There are imitations appears in concrete tiles as it transforms all forms of classic ceramic patterns. Designer tiles in Bahrain are of high quality and strength. 

Let us point out some of the features of concrete tiles compared to hard and conventional asphalt tiles for flooring and roofing. 


As we have seen, Designer tiles in Thailand are also offering wide varieties in patterns and versatile designs. Its diverse designs enable it to use outdoor as well as indoor.

Pocket-friendly prices

You can buy tiles according to your budget without compromising quality and design. It is an impossible thing when you use vinyl or ceramic tiles. If you compromise in price, you will have to face other damages in long term perspective. 

Easy Cleaning

Like other tiles, it also assures easy cleaning and much resistant to harmful substances. 


Most of the manufacturers use recycled materials in casting tiles. 


Once installed, it long lasts for 25 to 35 years and hardly requires replacement.


Concrete tiles are durable as there is no need for replacement required.

Long-lasting Surfaces

Long-lasting in the sense, as it is resistant to stains, moisture, and footprints.

Paving tiles ensures neatness and aesthetic charm to your living spaces. Especially, indoor and outdoor.

paving tiles

What about paver blocks used in footpath and courtyards? They are beneficial in many ways as they cover all areas of outdoor. These types also come in different shapes, colors and sizes. In almost all places such as residential, commercial, public it is prevalent. One of the greatest advantages of this is flexibility. It can be made from recycled materials, plastics and so on. Secondly, lifespan is great compared to traditional pavement options. 20 years is an assured lifespan. Thirdly, cleaning and maintaining paver blocks is simple. You can wash with soap and water on a regular basis. It also brightens the surface need not paint once installed. There is no room for tension when something stains your driveway or walkway. Fourthly, installation is easy and an inexperienced person can do it with little effort. Proper interlock safeguard longevity. Fifthly, it can withstand almost every vehicles and loads including pedestrian walks. Sixthly, it can resist climatic conditions such as high pressure and heat. So, fairly used in industries and docks. Merits of interlock pavers never end here as it has other features.

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Diverse texture and patterns
  • Aesthetic beauty to grounds
  • Ease of repair
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Abundance
  • Economical 

We have seen the benefits of concrete tiles and paver blocks. Have you ever thought about how these came into existence? Think about the wonderful designs.

Are you a business corporate thinking about expanding a business? 

Or do you like to try luck as startup in this field? We can really help you as we provide all types of interlock moulds for the production of paver blocks. 

interlock moulds

We, JR Rubbers, provides high-quality molds for perfect pavers. We always assure our products’ quality by the best machinery and high tech techniques. Our rubber moulds have high demand in various countries like Nigeria, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Ethiopia, India, Turkey and Thailand. A well-trained engineering team is always monitors and ensures quality machinery and tile mould production. Unique designs can be put into practice as we provide you a way to express your ideas and make it a reality with us. Rubber moulds are highly durable and last even after years of constant usage. These are available for concrete designer tiles and paver blocks. Nature of rubber enables remoulding too. A wide range of products available in various shapes, colors, designs awaits before you. Get the finest quality moulds for your business from the best paving moulds manufacturers

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