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Complete Process Overview of Paver Productions


paver productions

Remember the old days when we used to play on the soil in front or at the backyard of our house? Things are changed for good and all houses and industries started applying pavers in their ground spaces. This helps to provide more beautiful and clean surrounding as well as restricting insects entering the home or factory premises.

Ever wonder how these pavers are made?

Ever give a thought of the existence of paver productions plant?

Probably your answer is NO unless you are working in the paver manufacturing company. Here we are going to brief you about JR Rubber Mould paver manufacturing process. Before we begin, let’s give you some information about our JR Rubber mould company.

JR Rubber Moulds is one of the leading paver producing company with an enormous experience of 25 successful years. By establishing the client base in 29 countries across the globe. We have started our journey by opening our first branch in Kerala, India and spread our wings and expertise in India, South Asia and African countries. We have provides supports in

  • African Countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Somalia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria
  • Asian Countries- Bahrain, Oman extending to Lebanon and in Southeast Asia – Vietnam
    rubber paver mould manufacturers

we are pioneered in paver manufacturing by gaining the status of the most trusted name in the paver producing industry. Our range of products include

Since we know a bit about the JR company, we can jump into the paver production process.

Paver Production Process

Paver production starts by segregating the pre-requisites and this process requires below resources.

  • 2 Vibrating table
  • Concrete Miller
  • Color Mixer
  • Baby chips
  • Crusher dust sand
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Colour Oxides
  • Power around 15 HP
  • Paver Moulds
  • Plywood Sheets

JR Rubber moulds is even capable of providing automatic paver plants which don’t need a manual intervention for paver production. However, we will be concentrating here on different stages of paver creation for a deep insight.

  1. Paver mixer and Color Mixer making

The first phase is to create the mixer for paver using the concrete miller. The mixer is created by mixing the cement with crusher dust sand, baby chips and water. The normal ratio of this mixer is Cement – 50 KG, crusher – 100 KG, Baby chips -84 KG and water as per requirement. All these ingredients should be mixed well to form the flowing mixer with the thick consistency.

On the other hand, color mixing machine can use for mixing the color using color oxides along with chemicals. Chemicals are used for water reduction in pavers in order to provide the ultimate strength. Whereas color oxides are used for coloring the paver along with drying out the paver for long durability. Here are few details about the chemical we are using.

  SMF-Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde

SMF powder and Color Oxides are used in the paver production. SMF is a well-known superplasticizer used in paver production around the world. It is a high-end water reducer in order to provide the maximum durability to pavers. SMF powder widely used for all types in all types of grouts, mortars, coating and as a component of the concrete admixtures and emulsions. The usage ratio is 2-4 gram per 1 kg.

PCE- Poly Carboxylated Either

PCE is also a plasticizer that performs a quick setting of mixer and water reduction. PCE is in liquid form with a quantity distributed drums. The usage ratio is 3-5 gram per 1 kg.

color oxide in algeria

 Color Oxides

Color oxides are used for used for coloring the tiles as per request and to make tile attractive. Color oxides also attached with the chemical which works as the plasticizer. The quantity of color requires only a little amount, that is 2 gram per 100 kg. There are re different types of oxides such as

1, Red Oxide
2, Black Oxide
3, Yellow Oxide
4, White Oxide
5, Grey Oxide

 Acrylic Resin

Color oxides are mainly used for providing the necessary colors to the tiles, it will make the paving designs more attractive. There is also chemicals added in it will which make the paver harder for improving the lifespan.

  1. Paver making

As the paver mixer prepared in concrete miller and color mixer and chemicals prepared parallelly, major paver production action can perform now. The process starts with layering the paver mould by color mix and place it on first vibrator table. The forward vibrating table will lead the paver mould to next table where the mould will be filled with paver mixer created in concrete miller. Again the paver will push to the vibrating table where the paver will fill its quantity in equal proportion.  After completing the table round, paver will be placed above the plywood sheet for one day to cool and harden the paver. The next day paver will take out and spread under the sun to soak the full water.

The above-mentioned process is the standard procedure used for paver production. However, JR Rubber Moulds went a step ahead and owning 2 types of plant that reduce the manual interventions in paver productions. These paver production plants are mentioned below.

 Mini Paver Plant

Mini Paver plant is paver/tile production which has multitasking specifications. It is a high-performance paver plant with the capacity of performing a large variety of task in the field. This plant has the capability to build various level or pavers with a production capability of 3500-4000 moulds within a normal 8-hour shift.

paver mould making machine

 Semi Mechanised Paver Plant

Semi paver plant used for the paver and tile production. This machine can offer high performance and can handle multiple tasks at one time and it provides an option to produce different level of pavers with a capacity of 9000 to 10000 moulds/8 hour shift.

 Fully Automatic Paver Machine.

The fully automatic machine is a lifesaver for business as it reduces the need of manpower and increases the efficiency by producing 25000 wet cast paver/day. This automatic paver creation will prevent the duplication and waste of material handling which assure the right use of resources. This plant introduced for the first time in the world and JR  is the most renowned machinery manufacturer in India.

JR rubber moulds having an experience of 25 years and proved to be one of the best paver making company in the world. Even after 25 years of experience, JR is standing on top and high in the paver creation field. We have Mini, Semi, Fully automatic paver plant that provides an option to build the different level of moulds with high quality and durability. All the moulds we created with utmost quality and have a guaranteed lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Here are some major points why to choose JR for paver production.

  • Appearance of a non-static and anti-static inner layer
  • JR Rubber moulds deliver the finest quality of products in paver production
  • There is no shape deformation
  • There is no requirement to wash the molds, still it will keep the paver shape.
  • Strength and durability similar to automobile tyres
  • JR Products are made with 100% virgin raw materials
  • We provide innovative and creative designs for products with long lasting durability.


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