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paver block moulds

It is now being a common sight that most houses opt for interlocking tiles for the front yard of their homes. Even you must have installed interlock pavers on your exteriors. Have you ever wondered why this type of tiles is preferred?

You may say that it is for aesthetic purposes. Although it increases the visual appeal for the home, they are installed for more than just visual beauty. If you want to know what are they, then keep reading.

The Need

Paver blocks are something that benefits us for a long time and provides many benefits. We all love to have a natural front yard at our home. Although it is good during the summers, when the rainy season comes, then the front yard won’t be as attractive as you thought, why?

The main problem will be the formation of sludges and the area will be completely wet. It’s definitely not a good idea to walk through that. Also, if the front yard is grassed, all your walking and driving will be through the grass, which in turn cause problems for the grass.

This is where the pavers come to the rescue. By using interlocking paver tiles, you can completely eliminate the issues mentioned above. When it comes to costs, these are quite affordable and with the availability of multiple designs and colors, interlocking tiles are becoming more demanded homes.

Normally these tiles are manufactured using appropriate paver block moulds that gives them the shape and other important features like strength, durability, therefore, if the moulds are not of premium quality, then don’t expect the interlocking tiles to be strong.

Benefits of Interlocking Tiles

So you want to know the benefits of having interlocking tiles installed on the front yard of your home, right? 

All right, let’s get on with it.

Design Options

pver block moulds

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for preferring interlock paver tiles is the wide category of designs options to choose from. When it comes to shapes, the shapes typically include square, dumble, triangle, hexagon, etc.

Due to multiple designs, you can find the one that suits your home better. This is the same for the color pattern. If you want a black and gold color design for your pavers, it can be done. Choosing the colours and design is completely up to you.


No one would prefer interlocking paver tiles if they are not designed to last long. If installed properly using the correct way, then there is no need to look back and is guaranteed to last for many years without issues of shifting or sinking.

At the time of installing interlock paver tiles, special grades and sizes of sand are sifted between the pavers. Also, they are able to withstand the immense pressures of being walked on or driven on, without issues. Due to these advantages, interlocking pavers results in the strong and sturdy surface material.


paver block moulds

This becomes an advantage if you have opted for a permeable type of interlocking pavers, which are grass pavers. In this type of pavers, it consists of holes/grids in between them where vegetation is planted between the grid systems.

The biggest highlight of these pavers is that they eliminate stormwater runoff by allowing the water to flow back into the grounds, rather than blocking it. Due to this impressive feature, there is no wastage of water.

Easy Repair

Another reason for preferring interlocking paver system is that it is easier to repair the tiles in the event of any breaking. Since the affected paver tiles can be lifted and replaced without issues rather than replacing the entire segment and start over again.

Due to this reason, this results in fewer maintenance costs. Even though the repairing due to breaking is easy, the chance of cracking itself are slim because each unit has joints that allow movement.

Choosing The Right One

As mentioned earlier, to ensure that the interlock paver tiles has the strength and durability, it must be made from high-quality moulds. When it comes to moulds, there are many types such as plastic PVC moulds, rubber moulds, etc. However, rubber moulds are used because they are strong and environment-friendly.

There are many companies that produce rubber mould for paver block manufacturers due to these advantages. Therefore if you wish to implement interlock paver tiles made from rubber moulds, it is definitely a good choice, only if you have chosen to purchase the moulds from a well-known company.

Although there are many mould manufacturing companies in Thrissur, JR Rubbers is the right choice as they have considerable experience and reputation, not only in India but also all over the world.

Why JR Rubbers?

With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality moulds for various clients across the globe. We are one of the best mould manufacturers in Thrissur. We believe in delivering quality services for our customers. Our rubber moulds are resistant from acid and chemical attacks. The moulds do not deform even after continuous usage.

paver block moulds

Since they do not involve aggressive applications like automobile tires, the lifetime of our rubber moulds is infinite. Also, all our moulds come with an anti-static inner layer. If you want rubber moulds that have high quality, strength, and durability, then come to JR Rubbers and choose from our collection.

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