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Manufacture long lasting manhole covers with JR Moulds

Drain slab moulds

Manhole cover moulds and concrete drainage slabs are one of the most important things on public surfaces such as roads and pavements. We have all seen and stepped on those round metal covers on a variety of surfaces. Apart from protecting anything or anyone from falling into the exposed hole, manhole covers are made to withstand the tremendous weight of objects that runs over it such as vehicles.

Manhole cover moulds

Do you know that these items are made from quality manhole cover moulds?

Moulds play an important role in manhole cover and concrete slab manufacture. It gives the shape, added strength and longevity. This is why the right rubber mould is used for manufacturing these products. In this blog, we explain how our rubber moulds produce long-lasting and strong precast manhole covers and concrete slabs.

A valuable asset

What gives the manhole covers or concrete drain slabs its shape is the right rubber mould. This makes moulds a valuable asset in the manufacturing industry. Apart from that, JR rubber manhole cover moulds help save budget to a certain extent thanks to its reusability and flexibility features. However, only the best rubber moulds from JR Rubbers offer these two benefits in the long run. One of the main aspects of manhole covers is strength to prevent it from being removed using unauthorized means or stolen.

Manhole cover moulds


Even though its composition such as concrete or cast iron plays a major role, the use of drain slab moulds just extends the properties by giving it shape, design and additional strength and durability. Our moulds are used to manufacture a variety of products that include manhole cover, precast concrete compound wall mould, paver block mould, wall tiles moulds and more. As manhole covers are extremely important and demanded in public spaces, manufacturing them using the best rubber moulds is a profitable business initiative in the long run.

Manhole cover moulds

Get benefited with our rubber moulds

As a manhole cover or concrete drainage slab manufacturer, you are always looking for gaining higher profits and increased business recognition, isn’t that right?.

We can assure you that our rubber moulds will provide you with the best results at cost-effective prices. We will tell you how. As you see that our rubber mould is made using superior quality rubber which has optimum strength and flexibility factors. This is something truly unique to our products as compared to other moulds made from PVC or plastic. On choosing our rubber manhole cover moulds and drain slab moulds for manufacturing the best quality manhole covers, you get the following benefits:


  • Acid & Alkali resistant inner layer
  • Easy to store and demould final product
  • Strength & durability similar to automobile tyres
  • Requires less maintenance

Drain slab moulds

How can I choose the right mould manufacturer?

Yes, this is the part where many people get lost. Thanks to the demand and popularity of moulds, several rubber paver mould manufacturers have been set up in recent times offering quality products. Due to this, you won’t have to worry about finding one but what matters is that if the one you choose offers high-quality products. It is always wise to select the ones that have a good track record in manufacturing and distributing moulds and when it comes to that, JR Rubbers is the right one.

Drain slab moulds

Why do we say that?


It is because we have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing reliable and quality rubber moulds for a variety of industries for their manufacturing needs. Our manhole cover moulds and products such as precast compound wall moulds, paver blocks, etc are used all over the world by several clients and the trust they put in us show our excellence. Also, our rubber manhole cover moulds & drain slab moulds are designed to last long even with repeated usage and don’t even lose its original shape after years of usage. This just shows how we never compromise the quality of our products.Drain slab moulds


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