Wall tile mould

How our wall tile moulds make your business profitable

Wall tiles are now gaining immense popularity for both manufacturers and consumers. These products play a vital role in making a manufacturing business profitable and a home aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not only they are cost-effective in the long run but they are also easy to manufacture using rubber wall tile moulds and possess superior advantages as compared to the traditional approaches which make it a profitable business in the long run.

One of the reasons for the popularity of wall tiles is the use of rubber moulds. Wall tiles made from quality rubber moulds are high in demand. If you are a manufacturer looking to make some profits, then wall tile manufacturing is a good idea. In this blog, we explain why you should choose the best rubber wall tile moulds from us.

Wall tile mould

Why rubber wall tile moulds are used?

To make highly attractive and durable wall tiles of course. The thing about wall tiles is that they are used for a wide range of areas either decoration or protection. In a home, wall tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. These tiles are water-resistant, durable and are available in multiple design patterns and trends that suit any style. Due to these factors, wall tiles are usually in high demand in construction/interior design sector.

The popularity of wall tiles is not going to decline any time soon. As the wall tiles are manufactured using moulds, specifically rubber moulds, it is no wonder that almost every wall tile manufacturers prefer them. By using the right wall tile rubber mould from JR Rubbers, it helps the manufacturers save time, money and results in the creation of the best quality products that last for a very long time.

How the perfect wall tile moulds are made

Like our other mould types, wall tile rubber moulds are made with using high-quality rubber and other recommended ingredients. Being the best paver mould manufacturers for over 25 years, we have perfected our mould manufacturing processes to the point that our rubber moulds are the best there is for all manufacturing purposes. We only use the industry specified materials for the moulds. Also, our rubber wall tile moulds come coated with an inner layer that is resistant to alkali and acid.

Also, our wall tile moulds are available in multiple designs, colours, textures and sizes which makes it appealing to a large customer base. Irrespective of the colour, all our moulds possess the highest quality you can expect for the price you pay us.

Wall tile moulds

Innovative applications of JR rubber moulds

Rubber moulds are one of the most principal components used in the manufacturing sector. It comes with several unique properties that allow it to use for manufacturing precast compound wall moulds, paver blocks, step tile moulds, and more. So, why prefer rubber because other materials have advantages too, right?

It is true but they are not superior to rubber in terms of strength and flexibility. Also, rubber is a naturally occurring material unlike the others such as plastic, PVC, which are all synthetic materials. This is why we prefer rubber for making our moulds product range that include wall tile moulds. Also, the rubber used in our moulds is similar to the ones used in automobiles which means they are highly reusable, water-resistant and will not deform after repetitive usage.

Choose the best from JR Rubbers

By now you must have understood why our wall tiles are the best choice for your manufacturing purpose. Cost-efficient, multiple design availability, immense reusability feature, and more. Even though we are best at what we do, other companies offer quality moulds. However, to get the best results, we recommend you to choose our wall tile moulds for your manufacturing purposes. You can check out our website or call us to know more about the product in detail.

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