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The secret of getting the best Floor tiles

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Are you looking for the best quality floor tiles for installing in your home or office outdoor space? Floor tile mould are using for floor tiles

As the title suggests, you must be here to know the secret of obtaining the best floor tile mould. Well, the quality of a good floor tile is determined by several factors such as the composition of the mixture, colours and more importantly the shape which is given by moulds. Even if all other components are right, without moulds, there won’t exist the final product. If you are looking for the secret then this is it, high-quality moulds, specifically JR rubber floor tile mould.


The power of moulds

One of the main things that make floor tiles strong and durable apart from its composition is the use of moulds, there’s no denying that. So, what makes rubber moulds this demanded? Does it have anything special?

The primary purpose of moulds is to give the shape and design to the appropriate material that is being manufactured. Be it floor tile, wall tile, paver blocks, compound walls, the process is pretty much the same. What makes moulds this much demanded is that mould manufacturing has several advantages over other traditional brick and mortar means. It is easier, more profitable and the products made from moulds are more superior which is the reason why several mould manufacturers are into this business. Being a rubber floor tile mould manufacturer, we make the best quality moulds for floor tile and other products.


Why we manufacture floor tile mould from rubber?

Until now, you must have seen that we have used the term rubber moulds frequently. It is because we prefer to manufacture our moulds from rubber. However, this does not mean that we are against other materials such as plastic, PVC or silicon. We also use them for our manufacturing purposes too. But what makes rubber the best choice for making floor tile mould is that it is a natural and environmentally friendly material with optimum strength and flexibility features.

Due to this, our rubber floor moulds doesn’t change its original shape even after repetitive years of usage and is also resistant to wear and tear. This in turn guarantees an infinite lifespan. As the moulds last longer, it helps in controlling the overall budget of needing newer moulds after manufacturing. Apart from these, JR Rubber moulds have several other benefits which make it the best choice for floor tile manufacturing.

floor tile mould

A wide range of products

At JR Rubber Industries, we manufacture unique and high-quality rubber floor tile mould that are available in multiple sizes, shapes and textures. The reason for manufacturing in different designs is that it suits the different interests of customers and mould manufacturers. Some of these products include the following:


  1. TM Castle
  2. TM 122 Volga
  3. TM 126 Sharp
  4. TM 105 Volga


Choosing the right one

When choosing the best rubber moulds for making quality floor tiles, it is always ideal to go for the ones that provide long term durability and strength. Being a reputed rubber floor tile mould manufacturer having more than 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and distributing rubber moulds all over the world such as Nigeria, Kenya, Middle Eastern countries, etc, our moulds are the perfect choice for your home and business.

When compared with other floor tile mould manufacturers and their products, our floor tile rubber moulds are resistant to chemicals and acid attacks and they are environment-friendly. If you are interested to know more about our rubber moulds and how it will be beneficial for your business, you can contact us or check out our website for more details.

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