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Rising demands for cover block rubber mould: What you must know

Cover Block Rubber Mould

In our last blog, we explained cover blocks and how are they made using the best quality cover block rubber mould. The need for cover blocks is increasing at a steady rate. What does this mean for manufacturers and business entrepreneurs? Well, we say that this is a good time to turn towards this business by choosing quality moulds from JR rubber industries. Even though cover blocks has advantages, how do they help in maintaining the structural integrity of buildings?. Let us find out.

Reasons why cover blocks are in high demand

Before we say why cover block rubber mould is demanded, let us see why cover blocks are an important factor in the construction sector. Buildings during the construction stages are exposed and damages such as corrosion can happen during this time. This in turn will affect the overall structural integrity of the building which is not good. To prevent corrosion issues, the rebar has to be fully submerged in concrete by 2-3 inches. By using cover blocks, it helps lift the rebar matrix off the ground thereby allowing concrete to evenly flow and cover the structure. The primary advantages of using a cover block are that they

⦁ Help maintain a distance between rebar and stuttering
⦁ Help lift the rebar thereby allowing the effective flow of concrete
⦁ Protect the rebar structure from corrosion
⦁ Provide thermal insulation

Cover blocks are generally available in different types, shapes and sizes that are chosen depending on the purpose of protecting the rebar structure. Some of the commonly used cover block shapes and sizes are as follows:

⦁ Slab: 20mm
⦁ Beam: 25mm
⦁ Column: 40mm
⦁ Footing: 50mm

The rising demand for cover block moulds also increases the demand for moulds as they are the main materials used for manufacturing quality cover blocks. When it comes to mould manufacturers, JR Rubber Industries, the reputed Cover Block Mould Exporter from Thrissur is preferred by several manufacturers for producing a wide variety of products ranging from cover blocks, paver blocks, compound walls, wall tiles, kerbstone and much more.

cover block rubber mould

Choosing the right cover block rubber mould quality

Now that you know about moulds, it is important to choose the best quality one. Choosing an inferior quality mould is not recommended and more importantly, it won’t help increase profits. If you are worried about racking up budget costs, then choosing cover block moulds from repute cover block mould manufacturers, JR Rubber Industries will help keep your budgets to a minimum.

How our cover block moulds help your business?

Being a manufacturer, the main thing you must do is choose the right cover block rubber mould from JR Rubber Industries is the key to establishing a successful and profitable manufacturing business. The cover block moulds we manufacture are known for their optimum strength, flexibility and durability. We believe that only high-quality moulds will be able to deliver the right results in the end product. Some of the perks of choosing our moulds are as follows:

⦁ Designed to withstand heavy usage
⦁ 10-12 years average lifespan
⦁ Resistant to Acid/Alkali
⦁ Requires low maintenance
⦁ Cost-effective in the long run
⦁ Retains original shape after years of use

As our moulds retain their shape after repetitive usage, the only time you will need to change the moulds is when the manufacturing requires different designs or textures. Until then, you don’t have to spend extra costs. Moulds offered by the best Cover Block Mould Exporter from Thrissur that are cost-effective, strong, flexible and available in different colours and designs. What more do you want?.

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