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cover block

Cover blocks or spacers are one of the most important tools in the construction of reinforced structures. The primary purpose of these materials is to secure the reinforced steel bars in place, protects them from environmental factors such as corrosion and allows effective pouring of concrete by lifting the mesh rebar structure. Once the concrete is poured, it becomes an integral part of the structure. For a concrete cover block to provide these benefits to these heavy structures, it has to have massive strength and durability. Even though the concrete provides the strength, the kind of cover block moulds used for making these products delivers additional strength.  Speaking of moulds, using rubber cover block moulds is essential if you want to get the best strength parameters. In this blog, we explain how our durable and affordable rubber cover block moulds deliver these qualities.

The popularity of cover blocks

The main reason why cover blocks are popular is the advantages it provides for constructing building structures. The benefits are many such as providing the rebar structure with corrosion prevention, better thermal insulation, sufficient embedding that allows them to be stressed without slipping and many more. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes with each type being suitable for particular applications. Another reason for the popularity of cover blocks is the use of moulds as they are made using this valuable asset. When it comes to moulds, JR Rubber, the best cover block mould manufacturers provides superior and high-quality rubber moulds for manufacturing the strongest cover blocks. For manufacturers, who are producing cover blocks for commercial purposes, switching to our cover block moulds helps increases profits and reputation in the long run.

The superior rubber cover block moulds

Now that you know that moulds are used for manufacturing cover blocks, the next step is to find out why JR Rubber’s moulds stand out from other cover block mould manufacturers. The first reason is that we primarily use rubber for making the moulds. What’s so special about rubber?.

Even though we use other materials such as PVC, Plastic for making moulds, rubber is considered more superior and versatile to the others in terms of strength, flexibility.  Rubber is a naturally occurring material which makes it an environmentally friendly choice for manufacturing moulds. The second reason is the advantages provided by our rubber moulds with the main highlight being its flexibility feature. This means that even after long term usage, our moulds are durable, retains the original strength and they don’t lose their original shape. Now, this is a very important cost-cutting feature for businesses. How?

The longer our moulds last, the more amount of products such as cover blocks, paver blocks, wall tiles, etc you can manufacture at ease and the lesser number of moulds you will require for the purpose. This is something unique that moulds made using other materials rarely offer. To cater to a large customer base, our moulds are available in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs.

Think cover blocks, Think JR Rubbers

So, now you have the best and popular product to manufacture quality cover blocks for commercial applications. For the past 25 years, we have continued to be are one of the best cover block mould manufacturers having established a worldwide brand presence. Several well-known and reputed clients have availed of our services and they have all become satisfied. Even though there are many good mould manufacturers producing quality products, we recommend you to make your choice with us to get the best long term results.

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