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Benefits Of Using Paver Blocks

Concrete paver blocks

Is the front yard of your home laid by paver blocks?

Well, if it isn’t, then you must have seen those colorful bricks arranged in beautiful designs in front of homes, buildings, walkways, etc. Installing paver blocks is now a common procedure. The reasons are many, such as providing aesthetic beauty, increasing the value of the house, provides a driveway, etc.

But have you wondered about the benefits of installing paver blocks on the exterior of your home?

If you want to know what it is, then you are the right place. Just keep reading.

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The Need

As mentioned paver blocks are becoming more demanded due to its advantages. It is one of the most popular and flexible pavement surfacing options. It is usually made from various materials such as concrete, clay, recycled plastic, etc.

Different types of paver blocks are available such as the regular ones and permeable ones. Another preference of pavers is that they come in different sizes and shapes which are achieved by using high quality paver block moulds.

The permeable ones are those which have slots through which grass grows and effectively minimizes stormwater runoff. Grass paver blocks is an example of permeable block pavers. Now you must have got an idea about pavers and their types.

But why do you need paver blocks installed?

Suppose your house needs a walkway or driveway for your vehicle. You don’t want to risk walking or driving through the grassed area, so what is the ideal solution?

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Installing paver blocks, with this procedure you can lay the entire area or the particular part you want as the walkway. There are many advantages to installing paver blocks for your house’s exterior, which is explained right below.

Some Advantages

High durability

Paver blocks are highly durable in build and has a life of minimum 20 years, therefore, once installed, then replace after a long time. Since the blocks are interlocked with each other, the chances of forming cracks are not an issue.

Due to its long lasting property, paver blocks are a preferred choice for homes and commercial applications. It is capable of withstanding a high amount of pressure which makes it suitable for use in airports and docks. If the paver blocks are made from premium quality rubber paver moulds, then the blocks will usually last long.

Low maintenance

That’s right, another solid reason for choosing pavers for your exterior flooring. When compared with asphalt pavements, paver blocks need less maintenance. Once installed, they don’t require any painting or polishing on the surface. Even the cleaning procedure is quite simple as you can wash it with soap and water regularly without any issues.


If you are worried about the safety of your environment, interlocked paver blocks are an option for saving the environment along with getting your own driveway. By using grass paver blocks, it prevents standing water and effectively reduces water run-off by absorbing the water and promoting groundwater recharging and soil eruption.

Easy to install & repair

Another reason for using paver blocks is that they are easy to install. They don’t require using heavy machinery or complex tools. Within 3-4 days the entire installation procedure is completed and right after completion, the area can be used for walking or driving your car through it. 

Even the repairing procedure is easy. Suppose if one of the blocks is cracked or stained from tough chemicals like oil, petrol or diesel, only the particular block can be easily replaced without affecting the other blocks.

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Normally the paver blocks are manufactured in mass production which reduces their prices and in fact, makes them cost effective. Another reason for preferring paver blocks, right?

Concrete paver blocks are cheaper than the clay pavers or the one’s made from natural stones and also installing pavers are for a lifetime.

The Right manufacturers

To get long lasting and durable paver blocks in different types and shapes, they have to be built from high quality paver block moulds which are always manufactured by reputed companies. JR rubber industries is one of the pioneers in manufacturing rubber moulds of different sizes and shapes.

What makes our rubber moulds better than the other ones is that they are resistant to chemicals and acid attacks and they are environment friendly. Compared to other types of moulds, our rubber moulds remain in perfect shape even after using it for many years. Since the moulds are not used aggressively as tyres, the lifespan of our moulds is infinite.

Our rubber paver moulds are distributed to many countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Vietnam, Bahrain, etc and used by many industries. If you want premium quality rubber moulds for paver manufacturing, then visit JR rubber industries and find the right set of rubber moulds from our collection.

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