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The Compound Wall Moulds You Should Buy

compound wall Rubber Moulds

Are you a manufacturer of compound walls? If you are, then you must know how important it is to choose the right compound wall moulds. But it ain’t that easy to choose the right one. We know that which is why we tell you to buy your moulds from us, JR Rubber Industries. Compound wall moulds are available in different variants. But, what you must choose compound wall rubber moulds.

An innovative material

When compared with plastic or PVC, Rubber is a highly versatile material that suits a wide array of industrial purposes. Since compound walls are meant to have immense strength, they are built with the best available tools that which is moulds. This is where our supreme quality ​ compound wall grill rubber moulds in Kerala​ helps you.

Compound wall grill

To be simple, moulds provides the desired shape and texture to the final product. Here the end product is compound walls. If you want your compound wall business to thrive, then JR Rubber’s compound wall moulds are a perfect choice.

But, you might ask that even if there are Plastic & PVC moulds, why do you rubber

Well, the advantages of rubber are what makes it the ideal choice. The main advantages of our rubber moulds are strength, flexibility and more importantly, resistance to heat to a certain degree. Apart from the advantages, our rubber moulds are manufactured using state of the art technologies. This makes our moulds last longer even after continuous usage. This is something that the existing solutions might rarely deliver for the price you pay.

The Strongest moulds

Like we said earlier, the advantages of rubber make it the ideal candidate for manufacturing of ​ precast compound wall moulds​ . Our moulds can be reused for an indefinite period without deformations of any type. Also, they are coated with an anti-static inner layer that makes it resistant to chemical & acid attacks.

All these features make our product range strong and durable and these features will be reflected in the wall panels that are made from these moulds. When looking to purchase compound wall moulds, it is always recommended to always choose the right agency that provides the best moulds. A wrong choice can lead to a totally different outcome.

Compound wall mould

Among the many existing mould manufacturers, JR Rubber Industries stands out due to its unmatched quality services, reliable products and trust gained over the years. Doing your business with us will help you gain huge profits and will get best-in-class

Why JR Rubbers?

Having more than 25 years of domestic and international experience in manufacturing & distributing high-quality moulds for various clients all over the world. We are one of the best mould manufacturers in Thrissur for residential & commercial buildings. We believe in delivering quality services for our customers and will continue to deliver throughout our operation.

compound wall moulds

Our precast compound wall moulds come in different shapes and sizes. This makes it easier for you to select your favourite one without issues Apart from mould manufacturing for compound wall panels, our other services include paver block manufacturing which is done using rubber, plastic or PVC’s. We are leading manufacturers of the best paving moulds which have been availed by many internationally in countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Bahrain, Kenya, etc

All the customer who has worked with are all completely satisfied with us and look to do business with us in the near future. Even your business can become a part of us. For that, all you have to do is choose our moulds for your business


Even though we are the best, the choice is always up to you. If you want rubber moulds that are having higher quality, strength, and durability than the existing ones in the market, then come to JR Rubbers and choose from our collection.

Interested to know more about our services?

You can do that by visiting our website ​ or you can make us a call at 0487-2201338 / +918589082225. Please do follow our blog for more information about our moulds and services.

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