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Manufacturing compound walls is now easy with JR rubber moulds

compound wall Rubber Moulds

Compound walls are becoming the most preferred choice for boundary protection. Due to several advantages it offers in terms of strength, cost and durability better than traditional brick walls, there has been a rise in demand for these types of walls.

The thing about compound walls is that they are made through precast compound wall mould . In this blog, we will explain what makes compound walls better than traditional walls and also how are they constructed with ease by the best rubber
mould company.

The common choice

Before the arrival of superior precast concrete compound walls, bricks were the most obvious choice for building walls. Although it was fine, these walls did not offer anything new in terms of design & took a significant amount of time for
construction. It all changed when it was discovered that concrete compound walls could be manufactured by durable rubber moulds.

compound wall moulds

Compared to traditional walls, precast compound walls offered newer designs, less time to build & much more. This led to an increase in demand for ​ rubber mould for precast compound wall ​ manufacturing & hence became the common choice for
customers for getting the strongest walls.

The differences

This is where compound walls are considered superior to brick walls. As you can see that clay is the principal material used for building traditional brick walls & depending on the quality of plaster used, the durability period varies. Also, the traditional compound wall is built using individual bricks which means higher installation times & labour. Even the bricks are more susceptible to breakage, less secure and are not cheap in the long run.

ompound wall moulds

In the case of precast compound walls, they are made using rubber moulds that are of the highest quality, environment friendly and strong compared to the traditional bricks. Even the erection time of precast compound walls requires very less time.
This, in turn, reduces cost, working time & labour to a great extent. Also instead of using individual bricks, the precast walls are constructed as panels which further facilitates easier installation.

The best rubber moulds

Now you know that rubber ​ precast compound wall moulds are used for constructing compound walls. The next step is selecting the right one from reputed companies. The quality of rubber moulds determines the compound wall’s quality, therefore, choosing the best one is highly important.

Although precast compound walls can be made from other mould types, the advantages of rubber make it the first & the best choice. Among many well-known mould making companies, our firm, JR Rubbers are considered the finest for manufacturing high-quality rubber moulds. Our products are ideal for implementing a variety of applications such as paver blocks, compound walls & more.

Why opt for JR Rubbers

With many compound wall mould manufacturing companies available, we are the only ​ paver block moulds manufacturer ​ in the world that manufactures quality rubber mould for building compound wall panels. Our moulds come imprinted with intrinsic design patterns & dimensions. Also, our mould manufacturing process is one of the best in the industry.

Due to this, we have a large client base all over the world who have been using our products. What makes our rubber moulds perfect is that they are highly reusable and has a lifespan of 15 years. The chances for wear & tear are minimal to the point that our moulds are more resistant to damage. This makes our product to last long without the need for replacement unless new designs are needed.


If your home or commercial space requires the installation of precast compound walls, then make us the first choice for the moulds. We at JR Rubbers are always ready to provide you with the best services that last for a very long time. For more details, drop us a call or visit our website for an enquiry.

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