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How Are The Best Compound Walls Made

Precast compound walls have dominated the existing traditional walls in all aspects such as strength, durability, cost effectiveness & more. The main reason behind this is that these unique walls are manufactured by high-quality rubber moulds. That’s something interesting, right?

When it comes to mould types, rubber moulds are considered the best for compound wall & paver block manufacturing. Being one of the renowned paver block mould manufacturers in the world, JR Rubbers produces the best quality rubber moulds for industrial purposes. In this blog, we will explain how our unique rubber moulds result in manufacturing the strongest & durable compound walls.

How are the walls made

Before diving into our moulds, it would be wise to know how the walls are made in the first place. Manufacturing precast walls are easier compared to brick walls. First, the concrete mixture is poured onto the ​ precast compound wall mould placed on a vibro forming table. While a worker spreads the concrete evenly to all sides of the mould, the vibro forming helps to compact the concrete mixture.

Compound wall moulds

This gives the walls its strength, glazing and finish. After the pouring is complete, it is left to cure overnight, after which the panels are taken off the mould. The final product is a readymade wall that just has to be installed.

Choose our rubber moulds

Even though there are many mould manufacturers producing rubber moulds, they are not like our rubber moulds when it comes to advantages. Our moulds possess superior advantages that make them the ideal choice for manufacturing precast
concrete compound wall panels. Some of them are:

● Moulds appear with a non-static & anti-static inner layer
● Possess strength & durability as that of automobile tyres
● Have a superior lifespan at 12-15 years
● They are flexible & don’t deform
● Inner rubber layer is acid/alkaline resistant
● Requires only less maintenance

Different types

The most interesting aspect of JR rubber moulds is that they are available in different sizes, shapes & design patterns that make the products appealing to clients both domestic & international. We are one of the best manufacturers of compound wall grill rubber moulds in Kerala​ . Some of our available compound wall rubber moulds designs are the following:

● MC 800 Compound wall panel grid
● MC 801 Compound wall panel lilly
● MC 802 Compound wall panel brick
● MC 803 Compound wall panel plain

Rubber Moulds
The moulds are available in more designs that will suit your taste. To know more about the products and choose them for your manufacturing purposes, selecting them from JR Rubbers is the ideal choice. The following section explains why.

The best place

As mentioned above, we are the only company in the world manufacturing ​ rubber mould for compound walls​ . With more than 25 years of professional experience in manufacturing moulds, our rubber moulds have been chosen & implemented in countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Bahrain, Kenya, etc. Our clients’ are completely satisfied with our services. Become a part of us by choosing our rubber moulds for your business.

Many companies provide rubber moulds but only JR Rubbers manufactures & provides rubber moulds of the finest quality. By opting us, you are making the right choice. If interested to know more about us, you can drop us a call for an enquiry or
visit our website for news & updates.

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