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Cabro Production In Kenya With JR Rubber Moulds

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JR   Rubber Industries has its presence in Kenya for over   8   years.   Over   2,00,000   rubber moulds for cabros, PVC   moulds for cabros &   Plastic   moulds  are used across Kenya for carbo production and floor   tile   production.   In Kenya, our client  base extends to over 23 satisfied clients spreading across various cities >> Nairobi >> Eldoret >> […]

How Are The Best Compound Walls Made

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Precast compound walls have dominated the existing traditional walls in all aspects such as strength, durability, cost effectiveness & more. The main reason behind this is that these unique walls are manufactured by high-quality rubber moulds. That’s something interesting, right? When it comes to mould types, rubber moulds are considered the best for compound wall […]

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Qualities Every Rubber Paver Moulds Should Have

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Once you decide to purchase rubber paver moulds for manufacturing, there are certain things that you must check. It’s quality, features, price and more. As there are many mould manufacturers out there, it is not that easy to go out and choose one thinking it is the best one. As a paver manufacturing company, the […]