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Cabro Production In Kenya With JR Rubber Moulds

paver moulds

JR   Rubber Industries has its presence in Kenya for over   8   years.   Over   2,00,000   rubber moulds for cabros, PVC   moulds for cabros &   Plastic   moulds  are used across Kenya for carbo production and floor   tile   production.


compound wall moulds
A wide range of ​ compound wall moulds​ , cabros moulds,floor tile moulds,wall tiles moulds

In Kenya, our client  base extends to over 23 satisfied clients spreading across various cities

>> Nairobi

>> Eldoret

>> Nyeri

>> Nanyuki

>> Nakuru

compound wall moulds and cabros mouldscompound wall moulds and cabros moulds

A wide range of ​ compound wall moulds​ & cabros moulds

We have cabro   rubber   moulds   available   in   over   600+   designs   and   400+   designs  for  floor   tile   making​ .This  makes   it   suitable   for   large   commercial   projects,   elegant   housing  landscapes,   charming   garden   walkways. We  have   also   manufactured   high-quality   and  durable   3D   paver   moulds   for   creating   illusionary   lands landscapes, elegant   driveways,  patios,   driveways,   swimming   pools   pavers   etc.   Other   than   that,   we   have   a   wide of  rubber   moulds   for   wall   tiles   to   create   modern   and   traditional   walls,   artificial  stone designs and more.

Being   one   of   the   renowned   precast   ​ compound   wall   moulds   manufacturers,   we have client span spreading in various cities across the world

Our innovative technologies

We   have   always   stayed   ahead   of   our   competitors   with   the   best   technologies.   We  possess   innovative   Vibro forming   and   double-layered   technology   that   has   helped   to  cast   ​ cabros   in   Kenya​ ,   wall   tiles,   etc   with   ease  in   a   wide   range   of   colours   and  combination.

rubber moulds for kerb stones


We   manufacture   the   best   quality   rubber   moulds for kerb stones  with   intrinsic   designs   for  casting   unique Kerbstones   with   a   high   finish.   Thanks   to   multiple   design   availability,   we  can   develop   kerbstones   with  different   designs   and   shapes.   What   makes   our   products  and   technologies   the   best   is   that   they   are   all made   to   meet   the   recommended   industry  need, let be it for housing projects, roadside kerbs, commercial projects.

A dedicated team of professionals

To   create   a   unique   and   quality   rubber   mould,   ​ wall   tile   moulds   or   cabro,   we   possess   a  highly   trained and   professional   team   of   engineers,   craftsman,   labourers   and   more.  They   make   sure   that   only   the   best quality   moulds   are   manufactured   for   commercial  purposes. At Nairobi, we have an engineering team for the following purposes.

>> Onsite fabrication and installation of machines

>> Onsite training for cabro production

>> Assistance for any support on paver production


Our   engineering   team   members   are   all   from   Kenya.   With   this   initiative,   we   aim   to  develop   manufacturing at   Kenya   by   encouraging   skilled   engineers   to   make   high-quality  machines,   skilled   craftsman   to   make   fine  and   perfect   ​ cabros   in   Kenya   and   make   good  landscapes,   with   maximum   productivity   with   advance technology.   This   also   helps   to  get   technical   support   for   paver   plants   faster   and   more   effectively.   We   train clients  employees   on   the   best   practices   of   production   and   with   maximum   productivity   by  applying all the latest advancements in technology.  Vibroforming tables for cabro making,concrete mixer machines are manufactured locally in Kenya.

mould manufactures for concrete products

We   stand  as the world leader in  mould   manufactures for concrete products in   the   world. We   are   always   in continuous   research   and  development   to   increase   the   quality   of   production,   manufacture   newer   and   unique products   and   finding   innovative   solutions   for   concrete   casting.  If   you   are   looking   for   the  best   quality  rubber   moulds, compound   wall   moulds​ ,   wall   tiles,   etc,   you   can   choose   us  without a second thought.

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