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Production Of Designer High Finish Boundary Wall Mould With JR Rubber Moulds

Boundary wall mould

The existing available boundary wall mould for precast boundary walls are either metal moulds or fibre moulds which are never a good option for casting high finish products. Such kind of moulds gives only vague imperfect impressions of designs, are difficult to demould. Also, the high production damage causes increased production wastage. The complicated and intrinsic designs cannot be made in metal, fibre or wooden moulds existing in the market now.

The ideal solution for boundary wall mould

When it comes to precast boundary wall moulds, rubber moulds are the best choice. They are highly flexible, can be moulded to make fine and intrinsic designs. Rubber moulds when vibrocoempacted in vibroforming table, make concrete products with unbelievable finish and texture. High strength concrete mix can be used for increasing concrete strength to any desire.

Compound wall moulds

Metal reinforcements, Glass fibre reinforced  concrete – GFRC can be used during production to meet strength requirements for various needs. Colours are added during production itself, so products are ready to be installed right after production. No painting is required. As the colours are inbuilt, colours have durability for many years. Painting is not required after installation also.


Demoulding of rubber moulds for compound wall


Wide range of applications

Precast slabs cast in rubber moulds can be used for a wide range of applications like boundary walls, tabletops, floor tiles, the casting of mosaic tiles with unique textures.  Designer finish, natural stone textures, boundary walls with unique company logos for corporate can be cast with Rubber moulds. We design and build rubber mould for paver block manufacturers. Rubber moulds have vast advantages than any kinds of moulds available in the market now:


  • Easy production
    Basic production machinery involves Vibroforming tables, Pan mixer machines for concrete and colour layer mixing. A high-quality product can be produced on a small scale. Large scale manufactures can opt for semi or fully automatic production setup with increased productivity. We provide in-plant training, onsite assistance for production, setting up of plants anywhere in the world.
  • Highly durable rubber mould
    Our boundary wall mould has high durability of 15 years average. Moulds are not deformed or degraded
  • Zero damage products can be casted – less production wastage
    Zero damage concrete products can be cast with rubber moulds. There is no breakage of slabs, no edge breaking issues.
  • Easy to demould
    Rubber moulds with their high flexibility, yet strong, can be demoulded at ease
  • Ready to install products right after production
    Inbuilt colours. No painting is required



Being one of the best paver block moulds manufacturer in the world, we manufacture and supply boundary wall mould, rubber moulds, PVC moulds,Plastic moulds for pavers, kerbstones, cover blocks, wall tiles, drain slabs, manhole covers and other precast moulds. We have clients spread across all states of India. We have a vast client base in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

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